Job interviews. If you’re anything like me, those two words are enough to make you want to retreat to the darkest depths of your closet with no intention to return. For me, the mere concept of a job interview is an anxiety trigger. My heart rate goes up, my palms get clammy, and i spend a good twenty-four hours stood in front of my closet in a panic, clothing littering my floor in complete disarray.

My thoughts swirl around and around in my head as i try and use my inner psychic to figure out what questions i’ll be asked and what my interviewer will be like. I haven’t even left my house yet, and already i’m stressed out and a sweaty mess.

The ultimate goal at an interview is to sell ourselves to our potential boss, making us the merchandise. Each employer is unique, as is each wanna-be employee, which can make the task of dressing one-self a bit more daunting than usual. You want to impress, but you don’t know what standards you’re trying to reach. So you have to rely on looking your best, in the hopes that it’s enough to convince your potential paycheck that there is plenty more beauty beneath the surface. But, wait a minute, how to pick from the endless options? Luckily, business attire has been around for decades, with minimal changes, so designers have had plenty of time to master creating styles as unique as their buyers.

For the “apple” shaped woman who carries her weight in her midsection, getting a flattering fit can be tough. Selecting a shift is often times the hardest part of the battle, and then balancing your top half with your lower half complicates everything even more. Allow me to unscramble the issue. Stick with a flowing, simple shirt, and allow the folds to fall around your ‘trouble’ area. Pair it with a low waisted, straight leg plant to balance out your look.

As much as we all love a big bum, there is a time and place to accentuate one. The “pear” shaped woman struggles most with this, for her wide hips and curvy booty are hard to miss. With a structured jacket, an embellished top, and a boot-leg pants the big ol’ butt will be barely noticeable behind all that style!

Straight” is such an ugly name for this next shape, in my opinion, but all it means is your waist isn’t as narrow as most. That can make a girl feel boyish, which can really put a dent in her confidence. A cute, ruffled shirt with a fitted jacket can give you that curvy look you crave. For your bottom half, if you’re looking to feature your femininity, throw on a mid-length flared skirt and peep-toe heel.

The most sought after shape is definitely the “hourglass” figure. I, like most girls, seriously envy you if you fall into this category. With a slim waist, ample bosom, and curved hips, you have a much easier time dressing then the rest of us. For that extra wow factor, top off a wide-leg, belted pant at the waist with a tucked in loose fit shirt and a belted jack.

Unlike your maths exam in college, there is no syllabus for this; no step-by-step guide to success. The chance of failure is unknown, as is everything else, because every employer is as unique as every employee. All we can do is attempt to be ready for any and all possible scenarios. Hopefully these tips will make the process a little bit easier by helping you escape the stress of dressing to impress.