Male models like Alex Lundqvist and David Gandy have long set the standard for fashion on the runway and in their photoshoots, but what happens when these models step away from their stylist and into their own wardrobe? If you’re a fashion model and you want to dress to impress all of the time, without the help of an industry professional, we have you covered. 

The following tips are sure to make you a fashion icon, on and off the runway.

Purchase a good shirt

Shirts for men vary wildly in colour, tailoring and design. Although it’s hard to choose between all of the shirts on the market, it’s extremely important for your wardrobe that you purchase at least one good one! 

A good shirt can form a solid foundation for casual and professional attire alike, and the quality of a well-made shirt always enhances the appeal of your outfit, whatever that may be.

Buy from reputable brands

If you buy your clothes from fast fashion retailers, you’re immediately limiting how much you can dress to impress! Fast fashion clothing is often poorly made, unflattering on the body and can be seen everywhere

Dressing to impress is heavily reliant on being unique, stylish and luxurious looking, even if your clothing doesn’t cost that much. To find a good menswear brand that’s reputable and sustainable, you should be looking at their years of experience in fashion, the material they use in their clothing, and the price they charge for it. 

Decide on your style

Before you buy any clothing, however, decide on the style of dress you want to achieve. Do you want to appear preppy, or do you favour streetwear? Are you looking for a professional tailored suit, or something more casual? These are questions you should be thinking about when wanting to dress to impress away from the runway. Find answers on The Reset clothing shop

As a male model, stylists control so much of what you wear that outside of photoshoots and the demands of the job, you should really be exploring as many styles as possible to find what best suits you. 

Get the right fit

Your clothing doesn’t have to be tailored to impress people on the street, but it should be the right fit for your body type. Know your body type: are you broad, slender or muscular? In shirts, your arms should be able to move around comfortably without bunching up the fabric, and your trousers must fit without a belt. Your jeans and t-shirts should fit evenly and hug your frame without being overly tight.

The details matter

From the patterns on your clothing to the jewellery you’re wearing, details matter when it comes to dressing to impress. You’ll know that, on a photoshoot set or behind the scenes of a fashion show, stylists often fuss over model’s accessories. This is for good reason! 

Humans are detail-oriented creatures, and we appreciate the little things. This could be as small as making sure your jewellery suits your skin tone, or that the patterns on your socks and tie co-ordinate.