In our busy lives, it’s very easy to miss or avoid booking appointments. Yet some critical bookings can make a huge difference to our health and wellbeing. Here are five appointments that you simply can’t avoid if you want to maintain good mental and physical health.

Dentist Appointment

To maintain your dental health it’s essential that you visit your dentist every six months. If you avoid the dentist, minor issues like a toothache can quickly get worse and require even more expensive treatments. Your teeth can also have a huge impact on your confidence and self-esteem, so get issues looked at quickly to avoid dental concerns damaging your health.

Around 36% of people can get nervous when visiting the dentist. If you fall into this category, simply give your local dental team a call and see what they can do to put your mind at rest. Many dental surgeries are very experienced at putting patients of all ages at ease during their visit.

An Eye Test

An eye test is essential as it can identify issues with your vision and help you make sure there’s no wider concerns with your eye health. If you get headaches when looking at a screen for too long, or need to squint to see things further away, you might need contacts or glasses. Unaddressed eye concerns can actually put more strain on your eyes and make your vision worse, so the sooner you get them checked the better.

Annual Checkup

An annual checkup can help you stay informed of your risk of potential health concerns like diabetes or heart conditions. A visit to your doctor can help you with lifestyle changes or regular checks to ensure that everything is working as it should. Even if you feel perfectly healthy, an annual checkup could help you feel confident that your health is on track.


Have you been feeling a little bit down? Book an appointment with a therapist to take control of your mental health. Studies suggest that around 3 in 4 people that attend therapy see a benefit. The average amount of time before people report an improvement can be between 15 to 20 sessions. Take the time to find the right therapist for you and see the benefits in your daily life.

Blood Tests

Blood tests are when a trained professional extracts a small vial of blood that they then use to check for health conditions. You are often referred for a blood test by your doctor to rule out the chances of any imbalances or health conditions that make you feel unwell. A blood test can often take minutes and is an essential part of staying healthy.

Don’t Put Off Your Health Checks

These essential health appointments are vital for maintaining your physical and mental wellbeing. A quick three-minute blood test or a 30 minute eye exam can prevent minor issues from building up over time and can keep you healthy as you get older.