What do you do? I create original graphite drawings, paintings and fashion illustrations for print, editorial and art collectors. I also enjoy collaborating with other creatives.

How do you work? I approach fashion illustration in a unique way. I’m inspired by the aesthetics of horses and high fashion and aim to capture the beauty of both subjects, which has developed into my distinct style. For me, fashion isn’t just about clothing – it’s also about conveying a story, attitude and personality.

I work simply, all I need to create is inspiration, graphite pencils, and any surface I’m inspired to draw on; from canvas to plywood. I like surfaces that I can really work the graphite on; nothing too delicate.

2_Cheval nine Maison Michel detail

Background? I live in Noosa, QLD. I’ve always been crazy creative. I attended university, studying art and design but found it was too computer orientated, so I left and started painting and drawing and selling to galleries. My whole life has been one creative pursuit after another. I’ve held numerous exhibitions throughout Australia and internationally.

I’m looking forward to working on an exciting new collaborative project with ‘All My Friends Are Models,’ launching soon.

Jasmin – Cheval nine

 1_Cheval nine_Maison Michel detail


Art enquiries: chevalnine@gmail.com

Website: www.chevalnine.com.au

Instagram : @chevalnine

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