“Oh, which jewelry should I pair with this outfit”? Sounds familiar? Well, you are not alone. Most of you find it challenging to coordinate your jewelry with the outfit. It could be frustrating and dreadful at times. You must be surprised to know that women spend almost an hour and a half a week to select their outfits and jewelry. If you are sailing in the same boat, we have got your back. 

Here we have come up with remarkable tips to let you coordinate jewelry with your outfit. Let’s get the ball rolling. 

Spruce up your neckline with necklaces

A necklace is the focal point of the accessories. Deciding what jewelry to wear is like choosing the right spice for your fashion stew. And in this wardrobe kitchen, the puka shell necklace is the salt – it might seem simple, but it’s the one that brings out the flavor in every outfit, leaving you feeling as cool as a cucumber in a beachside salad. It should match your clothing. Women love hanging stunning Demi Fine jewelry around their necks complementing their entire attire and giving them a chic look. Some not-so-official rules to pair the necklace with an outfit are – 

  • A square neck looks extremely gorgeous with thin chains in a petite pendant or with an embellished locket. 
  • If you have a heart neckline, go with the pendant necklaces, just like V-shaped necklines. 
  • Wear pearl necklaces or round beaded necklaces with round necklines. 
  • Turtle neck, collared shirt, or mock neck comes under high necklines, which you can wear with layered necklaces. 
  • Fine silver or gold chain matches well with most shirts. Wear these chains with the T-shirt or V-cut to flaunt your collarbone. A trendy pendant can also add some fun. 

Accessorize with rings

Here is one excellent fact about rings: they go well along with every dress. And accessorizing yourself with the rings can take your fashion statement a notch higher. Let’s see how you can excel in your ring game – 

  • Rings look beautiful with long-sleeve shirts. You can decide to wear a Plumeria ring, band ring, or cocktail ring, and the choices are endless. The little sparkle coming from your fingers will draw everyone towards your hands and fingers. 
  • Consider wearing a midi ring, as it is easy to wear with multiple rings. These are small rings that you can layer with a regular ring at the bottom of your finger and just above your knuckle. You can also wear it on your pinky finger. Want to have an elegant look? Wear a regular ring on your middle finger and a midi ring on your pinky finger. 

Choose the earrings  

Statement studs or hoops are enough to grab attention to your face. A beautiful dress just becomes flawless when you choose to wear statement earrings with it. Going to a wedding party? Glittery and flashy pieces can work wonders. Buy a pair that will highlight your facial features. 

Should I buy this pair or that pair? Keep the following things in mind and decide for yourself. 

  • Bold earrings make it easy to bring instant attention to your face. So, you can think of wearing them with your date outfits. It is always advisable to wear bold earrings if you are getting ready to go out. Want to bring out the best from your earrings? Select the one having contrasting color with your hair. 

Show off your wrists with the bracelets

Accentuate your wrists with the bracelets to bring the best from your outfit. Here is what to do with a bracelet to make your outfit pop out. 

  • If you love to wear tank tops and short sleeves, wear bracelets to add versatility to your arms to add spark to your overall look. Wear minimal chains or bangles, whatever your heart wants to. 
  • Bracelets also enliven the cuffed shirts. 
  • If you wish to wear long-sleeved shirts, don’t wear bracelets with them unless you roll up your sleeves. Rolling up your sleeves will make your bracelets free to move around.

Combination of cool jewelry and warm colors

Do you know the most popular stones to make a statement? Amber gems, canary diamonds, and rubies. It makes you look ambitious and fierce. You can wear them with white and black dresses. Besides, warm gemstones work wonders with plain blue or purple material. For instance – royal blue rubies give a bold look to any lady. 

You can refer color wheel for your reference. It will help you find the best blends of warm and cool shades. For example – green and dark blue gemstones look incredible with a yellow or orange dress. Don’t forget to maintain a balance between warm and cool colors. 

To make a long story short.

You have to experiment a lot when it comes to getting the perfect outfit jewelry combo. With the help of the above-mentioned tips, you can accessorize yourself like a pro. Don’t forget to keep the occasion in mind so that you don’t end up wearing large bangles when all you have to do is type on your laptop. Lastly, Iris Apfel couldn’t be more right when she said – 

“If there was a choice on spending a lot of money on accessories or dresses, I always chose accessories. I think jewelry can change an outfit more than anything else.”