By Stephanie Claire Smith – Keep It Cleaner

Here’s my day on a plate, keep in mind this changes from time to time as I travel a lot and work sometimes caters.


Acai Bowl – people who watch my snap would’ve noticed by now that when I’m home this is my go to. I usually have a sweet tooth in the morning so this always pleases my palate.

Porridge – if it’s too cold for an Acai I’ll go for a bowl of our warm delicious porridge, it warms my tummy but also my heart as it always reminds me of my Nanna. I usually mix almond butter through it and top it with either berries or banana.

Granola – I absolutely love our granola but if I haven’t made a batch and I’m in a rush, I’ll chop up some almonds and chuck those with chia seeds and cacao nibs, with some yoghurt and berries.

After brekkie and before lunch I always have a coffee, in winter it’s a soy latte, in summer it’s an iced coffee with almond milk.


Smashed Avo on Toast – if I’m at home I’ll make our recipe of course, but it is one of my favourite choices when I’m out somewhere for brunch. I’ll always opt for poached eggs on top and have it on spelt, paleo or GF bread.

Green Brekkie Bowl – more and more cafes are catching on and making these, which is epic because it’s such a delicious but nutritious option when eating out. Our recipes best though 😉

Chicken salad – or sometimes I use steak or lamb, I loooooove red meat.

Snack- fruits like plums, pineapple or watermelon or I’ll make a smoothie.

steph claire smith
steph claire smith


Fish and Chips – if you haven’t tried our fish fingers, do it. They’re finger lickin’ good 😉

My Spelt Pasta Dish– I don’t always use the same sauce, I do love making a chilly tomato based one as well, that recipe is coming soon.

Meat and Veg – weather it’s red meat, poultry or fish, I’ll pair it with either a salad or some pan or oven roasted veggies.


I allllwaysss have a sweet tooth after dinner, so I’ll have a couple of pieces of 85% dark chocolate or I’ll have some of our Radical Rocky Road if I’ve pre prepared 😉

I also can’t go to bed without having a peppermint tea or two, it relaxes me.steph claire smith