By Michele Smith
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When you are in the hectic fashion industry or a women who cares about style for that matter, it really is all about the hair.  I can personally tell you that your hair takes one giant beating when you are a model. I remember after one fashion week after I was in a couple of shows, I returned home to take a look in the mirror and pondered what happened to my lovely locks. Unfortunately, when you are modelling for a living your hair can easily become damaged. I am talking about multiple stylists who are working on you teasing, straightening, blow drying, last minute color touch ups, you name it. What happens when it is not a modelling job or fashion week? It is still all about the hair and I was beyond pleased to discover Cutler Salon in New York – it is truly my home away from home.

As a model, how would I describe Cutler salon? In a word, Cutler is all about culture. While the salon offers most traditional services, the difference here is the talent of a vibrant and creative community. You can feel this energy the second you walk through the doors. And yes, reservations are a must and you have the convenience of making them online – which is great when you are model and bouncing from appointment to appointment.

The salon also has three convenient New York locations and one in Brooklyn. Cutler salon is truly about an experience. The customer experience is unparalleled and is truly upscale, yet not pretentious. When I heard about the talent at this very salon, I was surprised how down-to-earth everyone was, despite being surrounded by beautiful people at all times.

The clientele list that Cutler Salon boasts is unbelievable. Or course, I had heard about the salon throughout fashion week (their growing presence is certainly on the rise). Cutler Salon has also graced the fashion magazine pages of Elle and Vogue (to name a few of the countless magazine credits), as well as among the national broadcast stations.

The Cutler team is comprised of over 150 stylists, including the fashion editorial stylists that cater to celebrities. Founded 15 years ago by Aussie mastermind Rodney Cutler, Rodney has had a pulse on the fashion industry for years and works with celebrities such as Emma Watson, Naomi Watts, Rachael Ray, Gavin DeGraw, and Jordin Sparks, just to name a very few.

As a model, I was amazed at the salon energy, enthusiasm and got the opportunity to recently work with them and a bunch of other models for a runway show. I have never seen a salon work so professionally through what I can only described as organized chaos. As each model showed up (there were a bunch of us), every single model was greeted as we walked in and taken over to their own station. What were the results? The show was a success, all of the models (including myself, and I am now a Cutler regular) looked stunning. Whether you are visiting the Big Apple and need special occasion hair or a full-time professional model such as myself, this is my home away from home for my hair.