A wedding ceremony is perhaps the most auspicious occasion in the life of any person. Individuals wait for this day with passion and enthusiasm. However, the proposal event comes before the great day. You ought to plan your proposal day and customize the ring perfectly to ensure everything goes as desired. A single mistake on your end can make the experience nightmarish. Plus, you may lose your soul mate. So, how to customize a engagement ring? Let’s find out.

How to customize an Engagement ring?

Your engagement ring/band should shine bright and glimmer with every aspect of your individuality. Some individuals prefer to have a ring that exudes their relationship. A ring, after all, is a special piece that should entice your significant other and lead him/her for a positive response. As such, it should be personalized to the best possible level. Here are handy tips that might ease your legwork.

coloured diamond rings

Start early

Customizing a band can take enough time. While some folks take a few weeks for the customization process, others may want a couple of months. It all depends on individual situations. So, start early, especially if you feel short of time each day. Setting aside adequate time will help you make suitable amendments as you reach the proposal day.

Have appropriate images in hand

People usually have some sort of rings in their mind. A visual image lets you start with the customization process. With the raw design, you can make personal changes for betterment. So, have visual inspirations on customizing your band. Instagram images and Pinterest boards could be the starting point to create a custom ring. You might like the design of one ring posted on Instagram and the color of another piece one one of the Pinterest boards. Just use creative platforms and explore your imagination to get going.

Choose the metal

Gold, silver, and platinum are preferred metal options. However, you can go for any other metal too. Rose gold, titanium, and palladium are other worth exploring metals. Figure out your preferences and consider your budget to make an ideal choice.

Choose a unique stone

When it comes to selecting a stone, diamond rules the hearts of buyers. However, you may go for other gemstones too. Explore popular stones used in engagement rings and check reliable jewelry outlets. Within an hour, you might be able to decide on the stone.

Give time for casting and other customization options

Once you approve the sketch of the ring and the stone, the jeweler will move on to the casting and cleaning processes. Here, you may choose custom casting; this includes Gandia or micro-pave elaborates (hand customization options). Communicate with the jeweler about customized casting before the statement ring is ready to sparkle into the finger of your significant other.

Customizing a engagement ring can be quite a herculean task. Many points need attention to craft a personalized band. However, you may ease this cumbersome job effortlessly. 

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