Classes, clubs, and sports games can add up to make college life chaotic and stressful at times.

So, it should come as no surprise that leading a simple lifestyle while juggling a hectic schedule can be quite a challenge. However, it has been shown that a minimalist college lifestyle can help students who often work with paper writers from, one of the best essay writing services online, feel less overwhelmed and better about themselves.

What is minimalism?

The virtues of minimalism are being discussed more frequently these days. But what exactly does this idea mean? Living with the bare minimum necessary to satisfy one’s basic needs is the essence of minimalism. Decluttering allows students to focus on what’s truly important.

Here are a few ways in which minimalism can benefit college students:

  • Helps you save time;
  • Boosts your mental health;
  • Helps you spend less money;
  • Allows you to partake in activities you enjoy;
  • Enhances your physical health;
  • Allows you to live in the present.

6 ways to simplify your life

  1. Clear out your social media

Social media networks certainly rank high on the list of things that clutter your life. Reducing your time on social media can be accomplished in part by removing unnecessary clutter from your profiles. You could do things like unsubscribing from blogs you no longer read, uninstalling games you no longer play, or removing connections with people you rarely interact with. This will provide you with greater mental capacity for your studies and help you feel less overwhelmed.

  1. Get multifunctional things

As a student who always reads essay writing service reviews to be able to find the best and cheapest homework help, you probably don’t have a lot of room or money in your living quarters. Get furniture that can be used in different ways, such as a sofa that folds out into a bed or a bed frame that can be used as storage. Most of these items may seem expensive at first, but consider the amount you’ll save long term. You can declutter your space and get extra storage space by purchasing products that serve more than one use.

  1. Purge your closet

It’s surprising how fast a closet can fill up. If you’ve ever relocated an entire closet, you understand this really well.

Many students already have too much stuff for the tiny closet in their dorm rooms. Use the coat hanger method to get rid of some of the clutter. All your garments should be hung on hooks with the fronts facing the same direction. After each time you wear an item, turn it around in the closet so the tag is facing out. Donate the items you haven’t worn after a month or two.

That way, you’ll have fewer things to worry about losing and will be able to aid someone less fortunate.

  1. Don’t rush into any purchases

Now that we know what to discard, you can start planning what to acquire. Where do you shop? Do you even need to buy that item? Take a closer look at it first. You will save a lot of money by asking yourself these questions before making any large purchases.

Keep in mind that you should make the decision-making pipeline substantially long and tedious. That way, you’ll be more confident when you finally decide you need an item, and all questions drive you to purchase it.

If you’re going to invest money, you might as well get good value for it.

So, whenever you buy something, make it an investment in quality. They cost more than the usual product but provide an excellent ROI over time. Invest in a high-priced item or article of clothing only if it provides all the features you require.

You can always enjoy the benefits of a high-quality piece over a lengthy period of time of use.

  1. Eliminate unnecessary information

Have you ever noticed that, on average, only 80% of what you studied for the course really showed up on the exam? This is why it is so important to take note of what has been stressed in class and devote extra time to learning it.

Try not to commit every word of your textbook to memory. It is pointless! Focus on the essentials, and you’ll find that your study time and results improve as a result.

  1. Prioritize self-care

Self-care is crucial for both physical and mental well-being, but it is especially important during your time in college. Do things that make you happy, whether that’s going for a run, reading a book, or getting a tattoo.

Make time every day to do something that calms you down and allows you to be alone with your thoughts. Taking care of yourself also means seeking help from the best paper writing services when you are overwhelmed with assignments.


There are certainly benefits to embracing a minimalist lifestyle while in college. It is worth seriously considering simplifying your life and paying more attention to what matters by becoming more attentive, setting experiences as a top priority, and embracing fewer material possessions.

These suggestions can enable anyone, from a college freshman to an individual seeking ways to simplify their life, to live with greater purpose and satisfaction.