Baggy Jeans are New Again

In the world of fashion, nothing is new. According to fashion experts, fashion is cyclic, with the life cycle of fashion trends being about 20 years. This means if you can hold on to a piece of fashion long enough, it will only be a matter of time until it trends again. 

Unfortunately, by them, you may have other things to worry about than what fashion is trending. If you were in your teens in the late 1990s and early 2000, you might have started noticing what used to trend back then is back in the spotlight. 

This guide highlights some noticeable Y2K trends coming back with Gen-Z.

Baggy Jeans Have the Biggest Comebacks

Denim has always had its place in fashion, irrespective of generation. However, its cut has kept evolving with time to suit the trends. In the early 2000s, bootcut and low-rise jeans were the in thing. The Canadian tuxedo was immortalized by Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears in 2001. 

Another popular fashion statement was the ultra-wide legs or baggy jeans. With time baggy jeans were replaced by skinnier jeans from the mid-2000s until very recently, when baggier jeans made a comeback. Like every generation, Gen-Z’s fashion sense is dictated by their idols. 

In the past, teens and young adults depended on TV and magazines to know what was trending.

On the other hand, Gen-Z follows their celebrities’ every move on social media, where pictures and videos of celebrities wearing baggy jeans in their day-to-day lives are becoming increasingly common, ultimately influencing trends. 

Other Comebacks

But baggy jeans are not the only item making a comeback. Here are a few other items that are making a comeback 

Slip Dress

The slip dress was a hit in the early 90s thanks to supermodel Kate Moss who was fond of wearing them in the 90s. The thin silky dresses closely resemble the traditional petticoat or under slip and typified the 90s minimalism. According to a recent study, this trend has made a massive comeback, with over 80 percent of college students liking the dress. 

If you are relatively conservative, the slip dress can leave you feeling exposed because it can be a little revealing. The good thing is you can dress them up if it makes you feel any better. For example, you could wear a t-shirt under it or a pair of pants. 

Alternatively, you could wear something on top. But for the free-spirited who don’t mind a little reveal, it’s a perfect fashion statement.

Ribbed Cardigans

The ribbed cardigan belongs to the same era as baggy jeans and, like baggy jeans, has increasingly become popular with Gen-Z in recent years. The ribbed cardigan is made from soft material with buttons running from the top to the bottom. 

With the ribbed cardigan, you can leave the top and bottom buttons unbuttoned to achieve the 2000s look. The cardigan goes well with baggy jeans and miniskirts, or you could put it over a slip dress. Katie Holmes is among the celebrities who love this fashion statement piece, so you may want to take a cue from her. 

Low Rise Pants

Low-rise pants have been around since the 1960s. The first time low-rise pants came to the spotlight was in 1970. They later faded away from the spotlight until the 90s, when they once again became the cool kids’ fashion statement. 

Low-rise pants, also known as low-cut pants, are designed to sit on or below the hip at least three inches from the navel. While the concept of low-rise remains the same for today’s low-rise pants, there is a little deviation from what it used to be in the 90s and 2000s. For example, low-rise pants then were almost exclusively denim. Today khaki low-rise pants are a common sight.