by Sydney Yaeger

Summer is fast approaching and with it comes tans, trips to the beach, dips in the pool, and stylish swimsuits. As with all things on the internet, you can find whatever your heart desires. So often though, more affordable swimsuits are made from flimsy material that could easily ruin your trip to the beach. Not with our favorite swim brand, though. At Sporti Swim, everything is designed to not only be stylish and fit you well but also to be sturdy. Slipping straps, overly stretched spandex, and all of the horrors that come from the worst swimsuits won’t be found here!

In February, Sporti debuted a new collection in honor of Black History Month that was created in collaboration with illustrator Shae Anthony. So many swimsuits are designed for white people, by white people, so this is a step forward to bring more inclusivity into the fashion and swim industry. Along with this, a portion of the profit will be donated to Tankproof, a nonprofit that supports youth in underserved communities with swimming lessons to navigate life’s currents. What’s better than giving back and looking amazing? 

Women’s Swimwear offers the perfect way to add vibrant color and style to your swimsuit collection, ensuring you stand out with confidence by the pool or beach.

Given the bright colors of this collection, we figured you might be a bit stuck on how to style these pieces…maybe. So we thought, why not give you a few ideas? Below are some of our favorite ways to bring color to your swimsuit style without looking like you jumped out of a rainbow (not that we’d ever complain about too many colors.) 

The daisy one-piece suit 

From the lips to the daisies and the vibrant colors, this suit gives a slight vision of the ‘60s flower power. To enhance that, consider using a loose skirt as a swimsuit cover-up!

Melanin square swimsuit

Guys can have fun with how they dress for the summer days too! Instead of adding a cover-up to this suit, consider adding some fun woven bracelets and perhaps even a necklace. You know part of you wants to…

Mountain flower-wide one-piece

Maybe it’s a bit basic to recommend pairing this suit with a button down…but just try it because I think it will stun. And some fun jewelry, obviously. 

Mountain flower speedo

Maybe if you’re wearing a speedo, you don’t exactly plan to cover up, but if you’re thinking of dashing into a poolside restaurant, it might be a good idea. For this suit, consider tossing on a blue tank top and maybe a jacket tied around the waist for a bit of extra flair