By Jessica Frost

It’s no secret that the election of Donald Trump as POTUS has been one of the most shocking and polarising events in recent history but in a somewhat welcome turn of events, Trumps own shit reputation and political moves, to put it simply, has forced the closure of his companies modelling agency venture, Trump Models.

After 18 years of operation as a boutique agency in New York, a leaked email confirmed the closure of the agency after it had been speculated in the media. The speculation began after some of the higher profile names left the agency to pursue other opportunities. Along with the closure came a myriad of stories about the treatment models received behind the scenes and it put a spotlight on the revolt of ex-employees whose movements seem to have begun to hammer the final nail into the agencies coffin.

Since parting ways with the agency, some of Trump Models former employees have started their own boutique agency called ‘Anti-Management’ (supposedly not a dig at their old boss but I’ll let you make up your mind on that one). The majority of the new agencies roster is made up of former Trump models and the business is making a particular point of advocating for better working conditions for their models.

Just like many other businesses associated with the Trump name, the industry called for a boycott of his modelling agency not long before it’s closure. There were reports that models were being turned down for jobs when casting directors learnt of their association with the agency and that some were being sent straight out of castings without the chance to even be considered for the work. Those that made it to set, would reportedly be berated for staying at the agency as Trumps agenda came to light throughout and since his election campaign with the assumption that these models supported his beliefs and actions.

It’s obviously not right to be treating these models unfairly because they have been signed to Trump models. It can be hard to get signed and an intimidating thought to leave an agency without having another to go to no matter how terrible the owner of the agencies reputation is. It is though inspiring to see the fashion industry take a stance and advocating against the terrible injustices that President Trump represents.

The fashion industry is often seen to be a world of its own and whilst that definitely seems like the case at times, the current integration of politics into the world of fashion is a movement that shouldn’t be ignored. We can all learn a little something about using our positions, no matter what that may be, to stand up for what’s right and spark change.