You might not put a lot of thought into your underwear choices, but the underwear you wear can actually have a huge impact on your comfort levels, how you look in certain outfits, and your overall style. So, how should you choose the right underwear that will flatter your figure and ensure you’re always looking and feeling your best? Keep reading to find out.


As perhaps the most common underwear choice, briefs will be a great fit for most women. Briefs offer full coverage at the front and back with a decent amount of coverage at the sides too, and thanks to the soft fabric of most briefs, they also offer a lot of comfort. As a result, briefs are perfect for casual daily wear and should definitely be included in your wardrobe. 


Although briefs that are the right size and made of soft fabric should fit well, some women may experience digging with this type of underwear, which can cause VPL (visible panty line) when wearing certain clothes. If you’re concerned about VPL, particularly if you’re wearing a tight or clingy dress, then a thong may be a better underwear option for you. With a thong, you get much less coverage at the back and sides, and if you go for a micro-thong or g-string, you’ll reduce this coverage even further. For those who want to avoid VPL and feel sexy and confident, thongs are a fantastic choice.

Boy shorts

The opposite of the g-string is surely boy shorts. As the name suggests, this type of underwear resembles a small pair of shorts that reach down to the upper thighs. Out of all the underwear options in this article, boy shorts provide the most coverage and are also seen as extremely comfortable. You can wear boy shorts under your clothes to provide extra support and comfort, or you could even wear them when you’re just lounging around the house due to their secure coverage.


Inspired by swimwear, bikini underwear offers a compromise between fuller coverage options and sexier underwear. Usually, bikini underwear resembles briefs but with slightly less coverage at the back, so you get more security than with a thong but less overall support compared to full briefs. You can find bikini underwear in high leg styles and string styles, helping you find the best option for flattering your figure.


For some people, mid-rise or low-rise underwear can be unflattering or uncomfortable. Choosing high-waisted underwear can help you smooth out your lower stomach and enhance your figure, which is why this option is incredibly popular. In particular, high-waisted briefs offer a lot of coverage and support, which means they can almost function as shapewear too.

Although you may not think too much about the underwear you choose, this decision should definitely be given more importance if you want to ensure you’re always looking and feeling your best. By choosing the right underwear, you’ll be able to flatter your body shape, feel comfortable, and wear all of the outfits you want to wear, so start paying attention to this necessary detail!