People constantly praise Europe for its distinctive culture, significant historical sites, and wild nature. However, most often forget about the beauty behind the designed and more collected grounds of the most beautiful plants and flowers, which is also a huge thing here! If you wish to know more, check out our top 15 most charming European gardens to visit! 

The Gardens of Versailles, France

Usually a part of any successful France tours, Versailles takes the top as one of the wealthiest, most prominent European royal sites. Its gardens are acres of beautiful lawns and stunning flower beds adorned with sculptures, trees, and fountains. If we are going royal, let’s do this right! 

The Boboli Gardens, Italy

Enjoy your Italy trip with these gorgeous sights of impressive sculptures, romantic garden ornaments, fountains, and, of course, colorful flowers and plants. The Boboli Gardens were created for the Medici family, and their beauty is truly regal! 

Villa d’Este, Italy

While you are still here, keep on enjoying the genius Italian mind! Villa d’Este is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful gardens in Europe, built in the 16th century and entirely fitting for the romantic Italian scenery. Bend down to smell the flowers and look up to admire the stunning sculptures! 

Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, Scotland

It is all in the name, is it not? Entirely royal and sinfully attractive, the Royal Botanical Garden Edinburgh is more than 13 thousand types of plants, endless greenery, and impeccable arrangements! Also, it has the most gorgeous glasshouse! 

Alhambra Palace and Gardens, Spain

Enjoy a wide range of flower beds, beautifully designed fountains, and overall stunning compositions at Alhambra. What is usually known to have a bit of an Islamic vibe, Alhambra is a great, one-of-a-kind place for your serene leisure and relaxing time! 

The Gardens of Schonbrunn Palace, Austria

One of the most beautiful gardens for more of the most impressive fortresses in Europe – the fit is perfect. Walk the grounds to discover the tasteful flower arrangements, groves of trees, and a collection of grand marble art. We suggest doing that on your way out – leave the premises with your nostrils filled with the scent of blossoms. 

Mainau Island, Germany

It is somehow too frequently forgotten that as steadfast and mainstream Germany is, they are also great fans of romantic natural beauty, which is what you can witness here at Mainau Island. Affectionately called the flower island, Mainau is a spectacular rose garden with many lavish Italian elements and a Baroque palace at the center!

The Botanical Garden of the University of Coimbra, Portugal

The University of Coimbra is quite unrelenting in showing the world how much cultural capital they have and how important it is to the Portuguese, whichever form it takes. So right now, let’s travel to their Botanical Gardens to see the best of Portuguese plants and glasshouses – you will not be disappointed! 

Kew Gardens, England

Probably the most famous on our list, the Kew Gardens in England, are not only well-known for their vast collection of different species of plants, which is probably close to 50 thousand at the moment, but also for the most remarkable biosphere in the world. Also, in this instance, the English were quite symbolic, and a lot of what they designed was a tribute to Aeolus, the divine keeper of the winds in Greek Mythology! 

Arctic-Alpine Botanical Garden, Norway

Discover the perfect mixture of the icy Arctic-Alpine beauty and the loveliest flowers and plants. Located in the Arctic Circle, the garden houses some gorgeous flowers, such as the Arctic peonies, Siberian lilies, Tibetan Blue poppies, and so many more! So just keep your eyes open and, per our suggestion, visit in spring! 

Petrin Gardens, the Czech Republic

We have now traveled all the way across with our little gardening itinerary but have yet to stop and enjoy Central Europe. Its gem, the Czech Republic, is full of splendid public gardens, such as the Petrin Gardens in Prague. Inhale the lavenders and roses, and stop by to admire over 200 fruit trees! 

There you go, fellow gardener! Enjoy discovering a new side of Europe, and make sure you have your camera with – the colorful arrangements and romantic designs make for the best background. Good luck and enjoy!