Simi A Mira

I started coloring my hair before I started using make-up. Unlucky enough to have been born with a rather dull brown, I was always so jealous of those sexy blonds and mysterious brunettes. Sadly, my first attempts to distinguish myself led me to try colors such as blue, purple and red. Terrible mistake. However, years after these clumsy failures, I have finally found the blond that has me hearing “ You look like Cara Delevingne” five times a day. I cannot guarantee that it will happen to you, but there’s no harm in trying. Here’s my advice if you want to color your hair and see how you could have looked if Mother Nature had been more generous.

From blond to brunette

Emma Stone

This is for you if you think your Adriana Lima potential is not fully exploited. Some say coloring from light to dark is less dangerous for your hair because you don’t empty it from its pigments. However, you will probably have a shock the next morning and wonder what is Wednesday Adams doing in your bed.

If you really want to go dark, prefer an institute. It is always safer than letting your ten years-old cousin try, and I know what I’m talking about. After getting your hair done, don’t wash it before three to four hours, unless kaki is the color you secretly wanted to achieve.

From brunette to blond

Look who thinks they can become Dakota Fanning. Fair enough, but do it right. If you are a dark brunette, don’t expect to go home after your first day at the saloon with your dream beachy hair. To dying in horrible pain, you’ll have to go through several appointments. Don’t give up: blonds are supposed to get more male attention and to look nicer. It is unfair, but who am I to fight statistics?

Khloe Brunette
Khloe Blond

From brunette to red

One can argue that this is a bad idea, but it is also an easy goal to achieve. Since your dark hair already contain red pigment, you’ll just have to reveal them by stripping it. You might end up looking like my artist friend during her gothic phase, but that will cost you less money and less time than achieving an actually sexy color. Still, if you are lucky and good-looking, you could end up turning into a wild sex-bomb. An interesting bet.

Rachel McAdams
rachel red

From blond to any light color

Your mother will tell you it’s a bad idea, your friends will repeat it and Katy Perry’s blue hair pictures will confirm. Still, the heart wants what it wants. I have to admit that I saw cute girls with pink hair, and weirdly satisfying blue tones. Never have I ever seen a nice green though. Anyway, lucky blond, achieving any color is easy for you. You can even do it at home with these cheap colors that will repaint your pillow if you don’t rinse it right. Just apply the quantity required and pray.

Ellie Goulding

Either you’re fishing for attention or compliment, you will probably get both by coloring your hair. Try to use good quality products and hydrate it often, so it doesn’t feel like you are wearing a cheap wig.