Nursing is a rewarding career, but it is also very demanding. Challenges in nursing are not a new thing; they existed even in the past too. However, present-age nursing issues are different and make nurses’ jobs more challenging. 

Nurses are generally on their toes throughout the day, running here and there, ensuring that patients receive the best possible care. On top of this, nurses have to deal with multiple challenges day in and day out, from staff shortages to social disparities.

However, for those considering a dynamic shift in their nursing career, how much travel nurses make might be a motivating factor. Travel nursing not only offers the chance to address staff shortages nationwide and experience diverse healthcare environments but also often comes with competitive salaries and benefits, making it an attractive option for nurses seeking both professional growth and financial reward.

Modern-day nurses hold numerous responsibilities, including taking care of the paperwork, assisting patients and other healthcare workers. Also, they look after patients’ medications and take their medical tests regularly. Nurses deal with the most crucial aspect of human life: health. However, numerous problems in the healthcare industry often take a toll on their wellbeing, adversely affecting their performance.

Let’s delve into some of the challenges that nurses face in their daily life:

Long Shifts 

When we think about professionals who work for long grueling hours, nurses pop up in our minds. Nurses routinely put in double, triple shifts straight and work without taking any breaks. Also, many healthcare facilities suffer from a shortage of staff; thus, they burden their nurses further. 

Long shifts can take a toll on nurses’ judgment, making them more likely to make errors. Moreover, overworking often makes them demotivated. Yet, the only way they can escape from this vicious cycle is to secure a higher position for which they need to upgrade their qualifications. Now, we understand that your timings may be all over the place and physically attending classes at an institution can be exhausting, so why not consider distance learning? Distance learning options are flexible and allow nurses to pursue higher degrees while working like an online doctor of nursing practice that can quickly secure them a higher designation. 

Meeting Patients Expectation

Modern patients have high expectations from nurses, and often the pursuit of meeting them tires nurses out. Some patients can be a nuisance and give nurses a tough time. Some patients refuse to take medications, while others throw tantrums and expect nurses to bear with them. Still, nurses put in their best. So, when nurses hear that patients are dissatisfied with their service, their morale deflates, and they struggle to continue nursing with the same zeal as before. 


Workplace politics is neither a new thing nor limited to any specific profession. Discrimination in nursing is prevalent. New nurses may feel that their seniors do not welcome them warmly. They may experience discrimination and find it hard to cope with the challenging situation. 

Unwelcoming veteran nurses’ attitudes dull new nurses’ enthusiasm and make them lose their proactive and energetic approach. New nurses often complain that they are not given learning opportunities and have to substitute for seniors. Thus, several nurses think of switching careers to save themselves from discrimination. 

Professional Burnout

Nursing is stressful. Nurses come across people from all walks of life and deal with unexpected situations. Witnessing people succumbing to their illness or wounds and passing away puts them in depression. In addition, lack of sleep and breaks add to their stress. As a result, many nurses suffer from professional burnout and find it difficult to concentrate on their job. 

Neglection of Personal Wellbeing

Nurses are well aware of the significance of health, yet they often neglect their wellness. By putting in double treble shifts, they ignore their diet, routines, and sleep. Consequently, it affects their psychological and physical health, and they fall sick. 

It is crucial that, as a nurse, you take care of your health. It will help you keep your mind sharp and active so you can focus on tasks and minimize the risk of committing mistakes. Neglection of personal wellbeing can lead to some grave errors and, in some unfortunate cases, result in patients’ deaths. 

Work Hazards

Nurses regularly work with needles, dangerous medical equipment, and other sharp tools. Since they have multiple things running in their minds, they may cause an accident and hurt themselves or others. Nurses are trained to use medical equipment with vigilance. Still, they often let go of safety procedures and put themselves in hazardous situations. 

Moreover, nurses are around sick people 24/7. Therefore, they are more exposed to bacteria and germs than other people. So they should always wear masks, sanitize their tools, and wash their hands regularly. Similarly, they should wear shoes with solid gripping to avoid falls. Wearing proper uniforms too, such as Poppy Scrubs, can also contribute to their safety and comfort.

Workplace Violence

Workplace violence is not limited to physical assault; it also includes verbal abuse and threats. Workplace violence is a major concern in nursing. American Nurse today reported that in 2018 more than 60% of nonfatal violence injuries happened in the medical sector. 

Workplace violence in nursing has happened in the past, and it continues to occur. Today, various nesting bodies inquire of such complaints and hold responsible persons accountable. Still, the sad part is, these cases are usually underreported. 

Nursing can be overwhelming. Today, nurses are regarded as superheroes who play an active role in communities’ wellbeing. There are added benefits like amazing car deals for nurses from major car brands as a token of appreciation for their dedication. Still, we cannot deny that these healthcare workers handle numerous problems every day. Nurses dedicate their time and energy to improving people’s health, but often their health gets neglected. Mandatory overtime, increased exposure to sickness and dealing with patients’ mood swings add more stress to their already stressful life. However, nurses are perseverant individuals who overcome the challenges mentioned earlier day in and day out and strive to perform their duty with integrity.