By Jessica Frost

Models are those girls that everyone loves to hate. They seem to have it all and it’s easy to feel like they got it all from winning the genetic lottery. At AMFAM, we know better than to assume that a models success comes without hard work but it seems the majority of the internet thinks that these girls don’t deserve the same respect as others because of their career.

It becomes most obvious when you scroll through Instagram comments, tweets and stories from various media outlets, scrutinizing and criticizing every aspect of a celeb models life, justifying the total invasion of privacy by saying it comes with the territory.

Is it fair though, to say that models (and movie stars are a prime example as well) should expect attention from paparazzi, being followed by adoring fans and having ‘news’ stories written about them every day just because they chose a career in the spotlight? Some argue that a models choice to self-promote and share their lives on Instagram and Snapchat mean they are also willingly opening themselves up to the criticism that comes with being young, beautiful and popular by those stuck living ordinary lives behind their phone screens.

I for one find it insane that media think it’s ok to comment on anything and everything about a models life. Why is a model with a stretch mark an international news story? Do we really need five different stories about a single trip to the grocery store? Are there not more important things to be talking about?

I think what’s even more worrying is the backlash that models receive from haters online. People commenting on their bodies, fashion choices, recent work, relationships and other parts of their personal lives. It seems they literally cannot make any move without it being a free for all on picking apart any shred of self-esteem they may have. And somehow there’s always people waiting in the wings to say that it’s all ok because that model chose to be famous.

The other problem that comes with being a ‘famous’ model is the constant discrediting of their achievements. I’m talking about Kendall Jenner, The Hadid sister’s, Kaia Gerber and pretty much any model who has a semi-famous parent or relative. You can type it a million times over that they only got to where they are in their careers because of their families but do you really expect them to just sit on their arses and not pursue a career because they happen to have been born into a famous family?

With social media playing such a huge part in the fashion industry these days, you can’t be shocked that brands want to work with models that have followings and can make the biggest impact for them. But that doesn’t make a model’s talent less valuable than their follower count. In fact, I think being able to build that kind of online presence is a talent in itself. If you want to argue that it’s the only reason one models getting booked over another, then why don’t they all just become social media sensations? The simple answer… it’s not as easy as you thought.

I guess what I’m trying to get at is the age old saying “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” And that goes for typing as well. Just because someone has chosen to pursue a career in the spotlight, it doesn’t mean they’ve signed over their privacy rights and welcome disrespect, hateful comments and negative attention over the tiniest of things. Think about what value you’re adding to the world before commenting something nasty on an Instagram post. How would you feel if someone was doing that to you?