It’s easy to think modeling is a young person’s game, and for the most part, that’s true. But older people wear clothes, don’t they? Of course, you can be a model over 60, into your 70s, and all the way up until you’re 90. Staying in the industry is challenging, but there is a strong demand.

Mature Models Wanted

There is a strong demand for models in their older years. The very nature of the industry means there is really no age limit for models, as designers and stores produce catalogs for people of all ages. Of course, there are the same challenges as with younger models, such as competition. But there are added ones, too. Staying healthy by visiting medical centers often will give you an advantage. But agencies today will look for models of all age ranges, body types, and shapes.

Specialist Agencies

It will be much easier to stay in modeling or return to modeling as an older person if you have a background in the industry. However, it is perfectly possible to start a career in modeling later in life. Feeling inspiration or reinvigoration in your older years isn’t unheard of, and there are model agencies who help older models find work. It isn’t impossible, but you will need to put the work in. The right agency means you could be the next Frances Dunscombe, who began at 82.

Demand to Model Over 60

We are often only exposed to younger models whose average age range is between 16 and 21. However, there is a strong demand for models in their senior years. Many agencies will help you find work modeling clothing ranges for catalogs and runway shows. As an older model, you can enjoy the rewarding and exciting work that comes with it. But with experience comes wisdom, too. It isn’t unheard of for older models to guide younger models to a more wholesome career.

You’re Never Really Too Old

Don’t worry about your age if you want to model into your older years. In modeling, this could even be considered in your 30s. However, there is no real age limit on modeling since there are products and services that must be modeled and advertised for people of all age ranges. So there is always work available. It can help to research the kind of modeling work you want to do. And remember, most models are chosen by the age they appear to be and not their actual age.

Older Male Models

Men can be older models, too. Of course, they can. There is a massive market for male models and a healthy one for older men. In fact, male models are likely to continue to model as they age, as the appeal of older guys can be attractive to agencies and advertisers alike. The same rules still apply, though. Ensure you sign with a reputable agency with a track record of successful work. Mature modeling is a very niche topic that agencies love to find work in.


There is a healthy market for mature models, so yes, you can be a model over 60. The demand is strong for older models with the right agency. And older men also make great-looking models.