Eyebrows are one of the beauty features that shift most with different styles and trends. As little as twenty years ago, shamefully slim eyebrows were all the rage while, more recently, big and bushy has been very much in Vogue.

Unfortunately, for us mere mortals attempting to keep up with these changes, brow mistakes can often creep in and seriously shake our self-esteem and appearances in general. After all, unless you cut in a thick fringe overnight (which could end up being a mistake in itself), there’s no hiding what’s going on with your brows from everyone you meet.

If you don’t feel good about how your brows look, or if you just can’t quite perfect current styles, then you can be sure that the whole world will know about it. Lucky for you, it’s typically possible to link these issues back to common brow-based mistakes that you may be unaware of making. Realizing these mistakes is the first step towards rectifying them, so keep on reading to find out where you’re going wrong with your brow styling.

The trouble with tweezers

You’ve probably taken to your brows pretty hard with the tweezers since your early teens. We’ve all been there, and we all know how it feels to accidentally pluck a gap into the wrong spot. It’s a terrible moment both stylistically and personally, and the best way to protect yourself against it is to put the tweezers away for everything but minor touch-up work on stray hairs.

Experts suggest that you shouldn’t use tweezers to shape your eyebrows at all, but should either lean into their natural shape or opt for something like eyebrow threading or waxing, either of which can provide a far less problematic finish. That way, you’ll never again need to brush in a side fringe, or desperately pencil in a missing slice of brow that’s still likely visible to everyone who sees it.


Aiming for full symmetry

Most of what we do from a beauty perspective aims towards an imagined ideal of symmetrical perfection. This is why, even if we’ve got one perfect eyeliner flick, we often have to ruin it to match its less ideal twin. And, the same rules often apply to our brows. If we over pluck or over apply one brow, we feel inclined to do the same to the other. At least then they can look terrible together, right?

Wrong. Aiming for total brow symmetry simply means that you’ll have two bad brows instead of one, and no one wants that. The best thing to do in this instance is to instead find ways to touch up the mistake so that your brows are as closely matching as they can be. Even if this isn’t perfect, people are unlikely to look hard enough to notice the difference. But you can bet they’d notice a lot more if both of your brows had the same issue!

Going too dark with your brow filler

It seems natural to choose a brow filler that’s the closest possible match to your natural hair color, but this is a sure way to end with a brow line that’s way too harsh.

Instead, always gravitate towards brow fillers that are at least a few shades lighter than your natural brows. This way, you’re not so much covering your brows as you are providing them with a more substantial, and natural-looking backing.

Filling in one straight line


Filling your brows in one straight line was something of an early noughties specialty, but if you’re still doing the same right now, you need to update your routine. As with a filler that’s too dark, a one-line application will end up looking harsh and unnatural and is sure to attract attention for the wrong reasons.

Instead, you should always aim to fill your brows with a flicking motion that creates a far more natural hair-like finish. By blending your product, and also buffing any harsh brow lines as you go, you could even benefit from a stronger brow without anyone knowing that you’re wearing filler at all.


Brows matter a surprising amount to your overall appearance, but if you make these mistakes, rest assured that you’re not alone. Too many of us falter with this once crucial element of our daily looks. But, it’s easily within your power to address these brow issues for a sleeker finish at last. Simply consider where your brows are at now, and be honest with yourself about which of these mistakes you need to change.