By Kristopher Fraser. Photos by Ben Watts.

Here’s a new phrase for you: another day, another dollar, another Dining In TheModel10 Spotlight.

While I didn’t have the privilege of attending the actual event, I did have the privilege of attending the pre-event soiree at Cutler Hair Salon in SoHo. On behalf of, I have to thank the entire staff for being so hospitable toward us, and being such an important part of making sure that all the models looked absolutely fabulous for an event of this caliber. It is no easy feat, and every make-up artist and hair stylist deserves much applause for making so many wonderful women even more glamorous.

model5It was also such a delight getting to see my editor, Ms. Sasha Leibowitz at work. She was responsible for all of the fashion selections for the models. No one can style an outfit with a Moschino coat or jacket like she can, that goes

 with little refutation. The level of talent in the room was not to be taken lightly, either. For this particular Dining In The Spotlight event, the models gracing the room with their presence were Sara Sampaoi, Jessica Hart, Vita Sidorkina, Josephine Skriver,
 Kelly Gale, Mara Teigen, Ruby Rose, Esther Houston, and Georgia Fowler. Each of these women was a beacon of radiance, and a sight to behold.

I had the privilege of interviewing Mara, Vita, and Josephine, as well as a few of the make-up artists and hair stylists. I believe it is important to see the fashion industry from everyone’s angle. The life of a model is different from a hair stylist, which is different from a make-up artist, which is different from an editor or stylist. At the end of the day, it is important that we all support and nurture each other. No one finds success in fashion by doing it alone, so, as we step out in the spotlight, let’s make sure we all have a light on stage.

For this particular Dining In The Spotlight event, we have not only our fabulous friends at Cutler to thank, but also Ample Harvest – the fabulous charity working to end hunger in America headed by the brilliant Gary Oppenheimer – and Catch restaurant, for their hospitality.


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