Summer is here, and that means that it’s finally time for bikini season! With so many new styles, patterns, and cuts, there is a choice out there for women of every size and shape. The most important part of choosing a bikini or bathing suit is to ensure that you’re comfortable – both physically and mentally. The best choice for you will be one in which you feel confident and can move freely in. Use the body style guide below to choose the style that’s going to make you a complete standout.

Small Chest: The traditional triangle bikini is still a great choice for women that are an A or B cup size and are comfortable with lots of skin showing. The triangle bikini accentuates the good bits that you have, and tops with ruffles or padding will help to make your bosom appear more ample. Updating this look for 2015 is easy – choose styles that have metallic accents, bright patterns, or even fringe for a boho-chic look.

Zulu Zephyr

Large Chest: For women that need a bit more support on top, a halter bikini helps to keep things in place on the beach or in the pool. Tops with thicker straps also help to provide additional support to your bust. Some of these tops may also have underwire, which will offer another layer of security and comfort. Thick bandeau tops may also be an option, however you will want to ensure that the width of the top is wide enough to properly support you. A tankini may also be a good choice as it offers more coverage and support, and may have boning to keep you comfortable. Tankini tops also offer more fabric around the stomach if you’re not comfortable showing lots of skin.

rosie and minx
Zulu Zephree

Pear Shaped: If you are looking for more coverage on the bottom of your body, a high-waisted or boyshort type of bottom will be the best choice. High-waisted bikini bottoms are very much in style right now and rise up to your navel to provide coverage and support. Avoid styles with ruching on the sides, which will add to the volume of your hips.

tankini asos
Zulu Zephre
fella siwm

Straight Figure: The triangle bikini offers minimal coverage, which is very flattering for those with a straight figure. There are some tricks that you can use to create the illusion of more curves: styles with ruffles, ruching, sequins, and padding will help to move the eye in a way that visually creates more shapeliness. Avoid solid colors and line patterns, as these will just draw more attention to the straight nature of your body.

rosie and minx
nookie swimwear
moana bikini

Full Stomach: With the dawn of empowering style has come many more amazing choices for full-figured women. If you’d like more coverage, a tankini top covers the midsection but still offers a traditional bikini look on top. Worn with a traditional bikini bottom, a tankini is a great choices for those wishing to mix and match styles but prefer more coverage. Another choice would be the longer bikini top, which at times is called a plus size bikini. This top is a mix between a bikini and tankini – it’s a tight-fitting top that hits to just above the belly button. Worn with a high-waisted bottom, the plus size bikini offers confident women the opportunity to still be stylish and on trend.

seafolly tankini
moana bikini


No matter your body style, the most important thing to remember when picking a bikini is to be comfortable and confident. We’re all beautiful women, and your bikini will only accentuate that. Have fun this summer, look beautiful, and don’t forget your sunscreen!


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