Ever since the tragic passing of George Floyd in 2020, more light has been shed on the issues concerning race in our society. Systemic racism in education, racism in fashion, and many similar topics have been discussed more often than in the past. Great strides have been made to solve these problems, but completely eradicating them will take a lot of time and effort. The organization “Black Lives Matter” is the forefront fighter for equality and they have gained worldwide support for the racial battle they’re fighting.

The impact of the BLM movement on college sentiment

If you’re in school or college, you’ve probably talked about these issues with your tutors and they may have even given you writing assignments about the Black Lives Matter movement. If that’s the case and you’re having difficulties with it, be sure to check out this reliable source with Black Lives Matter essay topics. There you can find black lives matter essay examples as well as other BLM essay topics if you need one. They’ll help you better understand the issue and which direction to take when you start writing about it yourself.

Of course, your university may have also gone through changes thanks to the Black Lives Matter movement. It’s well known that when you look at the statistics, there are way more white people that graduate than there are black people, and just a small fraction of the black community go on to get their Ph.D. diplomas afterward. Black people are also accepted into campus less often and their academic careers just aren’t as profound as those of the people of other colors. 

Thankfully, universities and schools have started to see the issue they made so the situation is improving. There are courses and lessons covering racism in the past, as well as the one today, so students are learning more about the topic and are encouraged to help resolve it. Black people are promised a better education system for them and as it now looks, in a couple of years that should become a reality. 

Racism in the fashion business

The other hot topic that has been discussed in recent years is the existence of racism in the fashion business. Anyone who follows fashion and trends knows that majority of models are white and that the big fashion brands tend to prefer them over the people of color. Many of them have come under fire for their prejudice, so they slowly started hiring more and more black models. Nowadays, most fashion brands that support BLM have seen their cast of models become more diverse and inclusive, which is a step in the right direction. 

One of the original brands connected to black history is the Black Panther. Once a popular brand, it was getting forgotten over the last decade, but saw an increase in popularity because of the Black Lives Matter movement. The brand is known for its all-black clothes and outfits which were used to make a statement in 2020, showing that fashion can also be used as a way of fighting racism and inequality.

Changes in public attitudes toward racism over the past few years

Unfortunately, racism doesn’t exist only in education and in fashion, but all around us. The topic of racism has been talked about a lot more over the past few years, but the fact that someone had to die for it to happen is defeating. These issues have been ignored for too long and now we see the consequences of that. 

Thankfully, it seems like the public is now united in their efforts to bring equality to reality. Many changes have been made and a lot more will need to be made to accomplish that, but we’re on a good path. The first step was to realize that there was a real issue that needed to be solved and to finally take action. After that, the snowball effect will be massive and hopefully, we will look at this topic in a couple of years and be proud that the problem is solved.