Panties are great for keeping our private area comfortable, and various styles serve their purpose.

Thongs, for instance, are known to be uncomfortable. However, many would still prefer this type of underwear to boost their self-esteem.

But the new era has influenced some women to prefer comfortability and practicality instead of allure.

How do you even style this underwear?

High waisted panties may vary in designs and serve the same intentions, but they are still capable of featuring your physique with minimal effort.

Many women are worried that this kind of underwear would make them feel “old” as they look similar to grandma’s panties. But the truth is, they’re flexible! So, we’ve compiled the tips for wearing these panties.

Wear it with your high waisted pants

Coordinating this underwear with your pants would create the impression of a classic look with little effort. To add to that, you could wear black heels and a simple white t-shirt to enhance this appearance’s details further.

This could also avoid the embarrassing incidents of others having a glimpse of your buttocks and crack in certain situations like bending to pick up a dropped pen.

Partner it with your skirt

Skirts are chic. They help you appear more feminine. So, if you have the opportunity or the desire to wear a skirt, we recommend using a high-waisted panty to accentuate your waistline.

Giving the people around you a peek at your sexy figure as you make your way through the crowd.

This is an excellent option to improve your confidence in a simple way.

Create the look with your favorite leggings

As we’ve mentioned earlier, this underwear is reasonably comfortable, so it’s not surprising that women who are in their periods prefer to wear them to tuck that stubborn bloating that takes place at that time of the month.

Additionally, it could also be helpful if you’re a fitness enthusiast. Going to the gym in leggings is not as impressive as we would hope; instead, you would constantly worry if others could see the outline of your backside. But with high-waisted panties, you’ll be able to do your work out without the fear of exposing your panty lines.

Apart from this, they’re incredible support for lots of movements that we’re aware that we need when we’re at the gym.

Why wear it at all?

One of the great reasons for trying out high-waisted panties is because it’s travel-friendly. This means that if you’re constantly leaving your area to travel to another city or country, you might have had encounters with the stress of picking the undies for your adventure.

Aside from the fact that you would have to wait for more than 10-12 hours for your flight, you’ll also be forced to pay an extra fee for the added weight of your backpack.

Thankfully, a high waist panty is light, so you wouldn’t have to worry about limiting your set of undies.

Plus, it alleviates the uncomfortable feeling you have “down there” when you’re constantly wearing business attire within your workplace. High waisted panties actually keep you fresh under all those fabrics.

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