Streetwear was introduced to us in the ’90s. Getting inspiration from the hip hop fashion in New York and Californian laid-back style, streetwear was born from the combination of sportswear and upgraded everyday necessities. Examples of this classic white T-shirt paired with varsity jackets, cropped leather jacket paired with track pants, and more. 

Last year, many fashion enthusiasts embraced a new comfort into our closets, confirming that streetwear outfits can definitely be worn to work and vice versa. We remade the everyday look of sweatpants and sweatshirts into effortlessly cool getups by styling with a high-end bags bag with white sneakers. In addition, we included sporty elements like tennis skirts, ball caps, and windbreakers into our outfits—and we’re not ceasing anytime soon. 

Let’s talk more about this type of fashion and see some awesome pieces you would really want to try.

Streetwear: What Is It?

This type of wear is a casual fashion style that initially became famous in the 1990s. It combines comfy yet stylish clothing such as sweatpants, expensive sneakers, hoodies, and graphic tees. Streetwear got its inspiration from skater style and hip-hop culture, but with the added element of purposeful product absence. 

Those who follow the latest trends of streetwear are called hypebeasts. And guess what? Many go through extra lengths in order to grab the limited edition baseball caps, sneakers, hoodies, and more from well-known designers.

The Characteristics of Streetwear Style

Although streetwear can include various fashion styles, streetwear getups constantly focus on these four essential elements:


Streetwear clothing comprises everyday clothing and athleisure basics like joggers and sweatshirts. If you can’t wear it while skating, it’s presumably not streetwear.

Menswear styles

Despite the fact that streetwear is famous among individuals of all genders, it is nearly linked to menswear and traditionally mannish pieces such as workwear and bomber jackets.

If you’re thinking of versatile clothes to collect, you might want to start with cotton shirts. They never go out of style! From James Dean to Harry Styles⁠, fashion style icons swear by cotton shirts for their comfort and flexibility.

Contemporary art

Some of the most thriving graphic tees and streetwear symbols borrow from the creation of contemporary artists or make fun of classic works. Sometimes these are authorized partnerships, and sometimes they’re not.


The hypebeast culture is all about limited-edition items. This perceived scarcity can make most raved items appear more fashionable. It’s the same code that underlies haute couture, but streetwear is easier to access.

Tips for Streetwear Styling

A major part of streetwear fashion is purchasing and marketing limited-edition pieces. While that may not be attainable for everyone, there are always ways to include streetwear style into your getup.

Invest in sneakers. 

Sneakers are frequently the most significant (and most pricey) part of a hypebeast’s outfit. So sneakers are the key if you want to create a big style effect with just one apparel item.

Stick to a single logo. 

Loyalty to a brand is an essential part of streetwear culture, so it’s occasional to meet a real fan wearing different streetwear brands in one look. However, if you have a restricted number of pieces from different streetwear brands, try wearing one logo at a time and add the rest of your look with athletic clothing and workwear.

Play with proportions.

Carrying sweatshirts was one of streetwear’s most prominent fashion wins into the kingdom of high fashion. Streetwear enthusiasts often wear oversize sweatshirts, baggy denim, and other loose-fitting apparel, smashing the rules of balance to fashionable impact.

Be yourself.

Streetwear’s roots lie in DIY and counterculture. While it may look like it has full of rules right now, authentic streetwear is about being yourself. Don’t be hesitant to arrange together spontaneous combinations—you may discover yourself being ahead of the curve.

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Awesome Pieces for your Streetstyle Looks

Here are some great apparels you would need to get to complete your desired streetstyle looks:

  1. Monochromatic Tracksuit

The monochromatic loungewear set is the simplest, most comfortable outfit combination. An at-home-approved outfit, you can never go wrong with a comfy monochromatic pairing. You can accessorize this outfit with a gold necklace and white sneakers to upgrade your look. 

  1. Sweatshirts

Make a statement by wearing a sweatshirt and pair it with a bright-colored leggings. Gray pair of sneakers and a pouch bag would definitely complete the look. This is truly an IG-worthy outfit.

  1. Biker Shorts

You can never go wrong with a biker short. Pair this with an oversized sweatshirt with a white sneaker and a white sock, and you are good to go. This outfit is definitely timeless and will always be in style. The greatest part? It’s incredibly versatile. Grab one now.

  1. Graphic Tees

Pair a crisp white tennis skirt with a black copped graphic t-shirt like a hottie. Accessorize the look with a chunky boot and cross-body bag for an edgier look.

  1. Varsity Jackets

Because streetwear gets its inspiration from sportswear, a classic varsity jacket is a must. Pair the jacket with closet essentials you already have, like high-waisted denim in an iconic blue wash,  a boxy white T-shirt, and your favorite bag. You will definitely grab a lot of attention with this.

Some Rules in Slaying Streetwear Outfits


In streetwear, shoes always complete the look, and sneakers are the key to everything. But this can be a tricky path to navigate. 

So despite the peak of purposely ‘ugly’ trainers and chunky soles, it’s smart to dodge embellishment or weird shapes to ensure your box-fresh kicks will look as awesome with your suit as your joggers.


Teenage boys don’t have to stress their shape, so they can easily browse the oversized options. However, these aren’t for everyone, especially those entering their dadbod stage of life. 

Your best action is a shape that’s more relaxed than the body-hugging tailoring of a few years ago but doesn’t make you appear like a tent with legs.

An oversized bomber is a teenage accompaniment; try a cropped jacket to balance out the looseness for those older.


The fastest route to a victorious streetwear outfit is looking straight off the shelf. Avoid going flashy and wearing head-to-toe latest gears. Unfortunately, it’s an outfit that only looks good for Instagram influencers.