By Jessica Sepel – The Healthy Life

When it comes to skin care, I try and keep it as simple and natural as possible. These are my favourite natural skin remedies – for when your skin needs a little extra TLC! I hope these help!

Apple cider vinegar for pimples. This actually works. I dap apple cider vinegar onto cotton wool and dab the pimple with it and watch it go down.

DIY yoghurt face: Just mix 2 tbsp oats, 2 tbsp natural yoghurt, 1/2 lemon (juiced) and 1 tbsp apple cider vinegar. Add a splash or two of water. Mix in bowl. Add onto skin for 15 mins and then rinse!

Strawberries mashed on the skin – strawberries are high in Vitamin C which is amazing to boost skin collagen. My grate grandmother taught me this .

Trilogy Pure Plant Body Oil – So soothing with rosehip, sweet almond and apricot oil. Its amazing formula is nourishing and hydrating – improving stretch marks and scarring. Plus it’s fragrance-free, making it suitable for sensitive skin types too!

Fresh herbs and spices – added to all of my meals. Coriander and parsley are so cleansing for the body and amazing for the skin!

Trilogy Firming Body Lotion – incredible because it contains nutrients that naturally fight cellulite like primrose seed oil, green coffee extract, Vitamin E and caprylic acid. So forget about those chemical filled cellulite busters that hardly ever work! Natural nutrients and products are the way to go.