We’re in the middle of summer, which means you’re probably going to the beach or hanging out with your friends. Nevertheless, September isn’t far off, so maybe it’s time to start planning your educational endeavors with essay writing assistance by EssayHub. You have a lot of fashion design schools in the US if you are interested in fashion, whether you want to design it or work behind the scenes. 

A professional essay writing service CustomWritings has researched the topic of fashion schools in the US and put together some ideas we’re going to show you here. This list was put together after considering the opinions of people in the industry, jobs procured, data, and programs offered. Our list covers the whole of the US which will show you that there are great schools all over the country.

Providing an overview of the schools’ strengths and highlighting their unique qualities is the purpose of this list. We hope you find this list helpful. Before getting into this list of fashion schools, let me talk about why you would want to attend a fashion design school in the US.

Definition of a Fashion School

A Fashion School is a school that offers special courses for people who want to pursue a career in fashion. They usually offer different specializations or majors. The major thing people with a fashion degree are meant to do is design, but you can also pursue another career with a degree in this field such as

  • Fashion Technology
  • Advertising
  • Fashion Publishing and Journalism
  • Fashion Production and Management
  • Fashion Marketing and PR
  • Fashion Merchandising and Fashion Buying

As a graduate or student of a great fashion program, you’ll have the chance to gain hands-on experience, as well as internships and jobs in the industry.

Fashion School Ranks

The schools on our list are placed based on ranks and serve the purpose of giving people an idea of the school and if it fits their criteria and interests. We were able to put together these ranks by conducting proper research of different schools using major criteria like

  • Location: The best job opportunity and internship positions are usually available in big fashion cities but here we did not only consider that but also considered budding cities as well.
  • School Reputation: Since the fashion industry is a competitive market to break into, we have chosen schools that give students access to the resources they need to break even in the industry. Many of these schools have seen fashion icons visit and give lectures which is a sign that people in the industry take the schools seriously.
  • Strength of Programs offered: The schools were chosen because they have a dedicated undergraduate program for fashion lovers, and they have well-respected graduate programs in the industry.
  • Alumni: when a school has a notable alumni, that indicates two things: that the school’s program produces strong graduates, and that its alumni network is established and well-connected. This is exactly what we looked at as well before choosing these fashion business schools.

The List of Top Fashion Schools in the US


Programs: Fashion Studies, Fashion Design, and Fashion Marketing

Tuition: $38,510

Description: Parsons is a high-caliber fashion design school that churns out a ton of high-class talents having done so in the past 10 years. A lot of their graduates are now members of the faculty. This school holds regular workshops apart from classes for students and critiques and many of the faculty members work in their area of concentration. The schools also help in promoting student works through their partnership with different corporations and retailers.


Programs: Business, Design, Illustration, Marketing, and Styling

Tuition: $5,168 for NYC residents and $13,550 for students from other states

Miscellaneous: very comprehensive programs offered and Part of the SUNY Network

Description: The Fashion Institute of Technology offers countless fashion-related degrees, including fashion marketing, business, textiles, and visual arts. There is nothing like the FIT Museum and lecture series. With Valerie Steele as Chief Curator, this school has a lofty reputation.


Program: Fashion Design

Tuition: $37,500

Miscellaneous:  Belong to a larger design school that allows students to combine art studies

Description: Pratt has built a reputation for itself in the industry as an up-and-coming fashion program that people should reckon with. Many of its student shows are beginning to receive attention and are attracting high-caliber designers and well-known personalities. It is one of the few design schools that offer electives in magazine publishing and fashion editorial.


Program: Fashion Merchandising and Fashion Design

Tuition: Ohio Residents: $9,030, Non-Ohio Resident: $16,900

Miscellaneous: Owns a garment center studio in NYC with over 120 students

Description: A top American fashion school that offers study-abroad programs in Paris and Milan, a large endowment for scholarships, and a high-profile program that allows students to graduate with a fashion-focused undergraduate degree and MBA in fashion-focused business in just five years. The school keeps getting better.


Programs: Fashion Design, Textile Design, Knitwear Design, Fashion Merchandising, Fashion Journalism, and Marketing.

Tuition: $17,760

Description: They have good fashion journalism, merchandising, and business programs, and they are part of the show at NY Fashion Week. They own a smart student fashion blog as well.


Programs: Fashion Marketing and Management, Fashion Design, and Accessories Design

Tuition: $30,510

Miscellaneous: One of the members of their board of directors is Andre Leon Talley, and they give out a Lifetime Achievement Award in his name every year.

Description: SCAD has a new dean who is turning the institution into a powerhouse using faculty hires and new industry connections. They also offer a unique Luxury and Fashion Management Program that stands out among their peers.


Programs: Jewelry, Apparel Design, Metalsmithing, and Textiles

Tuition: $39,000

Miscellaneous: You can cross over and continue at Brown University

Description: Among the most reputable design schools in the world, their reputation as a fashion school only continues to rise. The school focuses solely on design. Last fall, RISD collaborated with Elle magazine and presented a student fashion show at New York Fashion Week, despite its small size.

These are the best fashion schools to attend in the US. They offer a lot of scintillating programs depending on the knowledge you’re seeking. You can apply to any of these schools if they’re within your area or fall within your interest.