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We were very lucky to be able to sit down with Dan Kennedy (our featured trainer this month) to get an insight into strength training for women. Dan is an online coach and personal trainer from Melbourne. He is extremely knowledgeable in this area and has spent years training women to be able to answer of the questions we have been dying to get some more insight into.

If you want to know more make sure you follow Dan on social media @djkfitness, stay updated on his website and listen to his amazing podcasts here!

Why is strength training important for women?

There are many benefits of strength training for women, here are 8 of the best reasons why you should start today:

1. Improves fat loss due to increased lean mass

2. Increases metabolic rate (meaning you can eat MORE without gaining weight)

3. Increases bone density and reduces the risk of osteoporosis disease (which is more common in women)

4. Increases self-esteem and confidence

5. Improves energy levels

6. Reductions in disease risk (e.g. cardiovascular disease and diabetes)

7. Stress relief

8. Improved sleep (the best form of recovery)

There are so many myths that strength training will bulk women- what are your thoughts on that?

This is a huge myth, in fact it will de the exact opposite. Increasing lean muscle mass is a result of strength training. The more lean muscle mass you hold, the easier it is to burn calories and lose fat. Unfortunately you can’t ‘tone’ a muscle, instead the focus needs to be on ‘building’ the muscle and eating in a calorie deficit to reveal the definition.

I like to use the example of not driving your car incase you become a formula 1 driver, it’s not going to happen 😉 The same goes with strength training, unless you’re consistently over-eating then you won’t get big and bulky by accident.

What do you recommend for your clients post workout?

Post-workout you want to focus on eating a high quality lean protein source, along with complex carbohydrates such as sweet potato or brown rice and fibrous green vegetables.

Although it is ideal to get this meal in within the first hour or 2 after training, as long as you reach your calorie goal by the end of the day and aim to eat protein with every meal you’ll be fine. It’s important to look at the bigger picture with nutrition and not get caught up with the small details that in the end of the day don’t make a huge difference.

If you could describe your training style in one sentence – what would it be?

High intensity resistance training that pushes you beyond your limits, showing you that you can achieve so much more than you think.

How can people get in touch to train with you?

People can either email me at, visit my website or by phone on 0417 897 512.