By Gaynell Goshorn


Argan oil comes from the Argania Spinosa tree. You will only find these tress in parts of Northern Africa, around Morocco. Looking at an argania tree, you’d never guess the valuable and rare things within it. When processed, products from the tree have many benefits.


Argania trees have small leaves and flowers, which eventually bring forth fruit. The fruit is covered with a peel, protecting the inner flesh (which is not prized for its flavor). In fact, the fruit is not what people seek. It is what lies in the middle of the fruit- the nut – that is highly sought after. Each nut has up to three kernels inside and North African women process them in a very labor-intensive procedure.





If you eat something containing Argan oil, you will be ingesting many health benefits.

The oil is known for its long shelf life and in Morocco, mixed with almonds to make a dip, for bread. Yet, not everyone can afford the rare and expensive oil.

Argan oil has been tested in recent scientific studies, with encouraging results. Subjects were prescribed diets with either argania or oils containing animal fats. When the study was concluded, it was revealed that the subjects taking the argania oil had lower triglycerides and blood cholesterol. This could be very beneficial for those wanting to avoid heart disease.


Argania is seeing a lot of use in many top skin care products today. It is well-known as an excellent skin moisturizer, so many companies are including it in their beauty products and claiming that it helps prevent flaky and dry skin. People with skin problems like acne are using argan products with some success, and it can be used to treat burns.


Some of the better hair products also include argan oil as an ingredient. It doesn’t take much to create an excellent hair conditioner, using argan oil. In fact, the oil can be left on the hair, providing lasting nourishment to the scalp and roots. Hair is likely to appear shinier and healthier after using these types of products.


There are many good reasons to consider products containing argan oil. You can take it, orally, for many health concerns or use it topically. Place it on the cuticles or feet for extra softening power or put some drops in your bath water for overall softness. You can even use it for baby, because it is natural and safe.