By Kirsten Humphreys

If I were to type into google search engine ‘modelling requirements’ I would be offered 78,000,000 results on age, the measurements of a model’s body, their height and whether they’d be categorised as a fashion model, commercial model or runway model. What results I don’t find are the results for the actual working attributes a model requires.

The immaculate day in the life of a supermodel can easily be misinterpreted. What we see on a model’s social media account portrays a very glamorous and extravagant lifestyle, never lacking in travel to exotic countries, parties and luxurious clothes. It’s little wonder why so many young girls and boys want to model as they’re profession, when it seems they live the idealistic lifestyle.

What we don’t see though, are the twelve-hour shoot days, the fact that a suitcase is the only permanent piece of luggage they own, and that models spend a lot of time by themselves, without family or friends in sight. Modelling can be a very lonely, tiring and self-deprecating career.

As much as this industry is about glamour and a to-die-for lifestyle, the process of making it to the top is anything but. It’s imperatively demanding to stay humble and head strong in an industry that is constantly arbitrating and evolving. A model often needs to be either extremely confident in themselves or, develop a second skin.  They require this, because rejection and judgement is constantly being imposed on them during castings (if you have not read the Models Write stories before, I suggest you read them for further guarantee that this statement is very real). With this comes a strong mentality that is easily commendable for the person that possess such a trait, and let me assure you, most models do.

The work ethic of these individuals is also something to be applauded. Projecting your body and personality into the world, and working to make a name for yourself is challenging. A model never has a stable working routine- one week they might have ten different jobs, the next none. It’s a constant state of unknown. Because of this, models must work hard to gain recognition and get jobs. Ninety five percent of the time they don’t just magically get casted for a job, they must prove themselves first.

Don’t just think because you see an image of a model, lounging on set by a crystal-clear pool uploaded to their Instagram, that they are living la dolce vita because looks can often be deceiving. Yes, they may be in a luxurious location but, they’ve worked their butts off to get this job, they’ve earnt the right to be here. Let’s also be reminded they’re working hard by that pool too, there is no relaxing involved in this ‘pool day’. This is the career choice models have chosen, and they are determined enough to give it their all, something everyone on this planet should strive to do.

I’m specifically writing this article to anyone one of you that has ever used the saying ‘they’re just dumb models’- well news flash to all the judgemental people in this world, models are not just a pretty face. They are extremely confident, hardworking, committed and smart beyond any schooling degree having learnt vital life lessons, the absolute necessities in a world fuelled by acceptance from others. So, the next time you want to look at a model and say they aren’t hard workers, I suggest you try walking a mile in their shoes. I’d say you wouldn’t even make it half way.