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Most people do not get an invite to one of the most coveted fashion shows and the show in particular is the 2016 Paris Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show; one of the most iconic events of the season.  This year the Paris stage was graced with models such as Lily Aldridge, Joan Hunt, Taylor Hill and Gigi Hadid to name a few; then entertainment was at an all new high with Lady Gaga, The Weeknd and Bruno Mars. This star-studded event was not without the juicy behind-the-scenes moments. For those who were not able to attend, the following is a sneak peek from both onstage and backstage.

What exactly happened behind the scenes? Lady Gaga had not only one, but two performances at this year’s Victoria’s Secret fashion show. After her first performance, Lady Gaga walked down the runway and ditched her platform shoes at the end of the runway and right after gave Yolanda Hadid a hug; quickly exiting the scene. This was not the only behind-the-scenes talked about appearance with Yolanda, however. Much to the shock of audience,  The Weeknd was spotted hugging Yolanda Hadid; which elicited several gasps from the audience as her daughter, Bella Hadid not only is the ex-girlfriend, but also had the awkward experience of walking (literally) into her ex on the runway.

BTS Victoria's Secret Fashion Show
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What else you may ask? Well, for starters Lady Gaga might have been walking the runway as a model herself. While the ground breaking pop-sensation pretty much upstages anyone with her fashion statements, she certainly upstaged the Victoria’s Secret models after her second performance when she threw on a black leather jacket and black angel wings while exiting the stage. Stay tuned for the next Vicky’s angel … it may be Lady Gaga.

While this may be a “behind the scenes” if you were not in attendance at the runway show, but this one is clearly obvious to anyone in the general public who follows fashion. Bestie’s Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner received major applause when they walked down the runway together. Yes, these two are taking the fashion industry over by storm and this really shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone who is keeping an eye on his dynamic duo.

BTS Victoria's Secret Fashion Show
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On the baby bump news front, Russian model Irina Shayk was the talk of the backstage hype and congratulations where wholeheartedly offered to her and actor Bradley Cooper. The hype was all around the fact that the 30 year old model is reportedly in her 2nd trimester and this was her first show for the Victoria’s Secret brand. Why did this leak out? While this has been a very hush-hush, Corey Tenold was able to get up very close and personal with the Victoria’s Secret models backstage and was shared the good news. Other celebrations backstage were the Hadid sisters spontaneous dance duet and Josephine Skriver debuting her stunning fringe ensemble. At the end of the day, maybe what goes on behind-the-scenes at a Vickie’s fashion show in Paris, doesn’t stay in Paris.

BTS Victoria's Secret Fashion Show
BTS Victoria's Secret Fashion SHow