By Michele Smith
Facebook – MicheleSmithMarketing

Paris Fashion Week is one of the crème de la crème runaway jobs for a model to be hired for. If a model is lucky enough to walk in the New York shows and fly out to Paris for the following shows, they are doing quite well for themselves; but the prominent shows come complete with the pre-prep craziness.

This usually starts a week before the actual show starts, with casting calls all over the city not to mention the designer’s pre-prep starting the month before. A model will meet with casting directors and designers; walking for them during these auditions. They sometimes will not even find out if they are going to be in a particular show until a day or two before. As for early prep-time for casting calls, there is nothing better a model can do besides simply taking care of themselves (diet, exercise, etc.) and feeling confident. When models attend casting calls for the major runway shows, they never know if the casting director is looking for a new face or wants a powerhouse like Naomi Campbell; making any aspiring model trying to get ongoing work in the industry challenging.

Every designer also asks models at the various runways shows to always walk down the runway differently; from graceful and feminine, to street style. Anyone who is a model today also knows that promoting themselves is so much more important than just having runway appearances. For example, Instagram follow ups, as well as other social media posts are key.

This year, behind the scenes at Paris Fashion Week, spared zero moments of glitz and glam. For those readers who are not aware, Paris Fashion Week occurs 2x per year and it is either the best time to visit the city (if you are in the industry) or the worst. Hundreds of attendees flock to Paris every year; prominently publicists, editors, designers and journalists. They are all just waiting to get a sneak peak of what they will be wearing next year. This however, is only the beginning of the work that the editors and journalists have on their plate vs. the models and designers who have a majority of their work prior to the shows.

Paris Fashion Week is the tell-all of what is in and what is out in the fashion world, and is divided into three different categories: Men’s Fashion, Haute Couture, and Prêt-à-Porter. Haute Couture is a term coined and protected in Paris, referring to a very few fashion houses that adhere to a very strict criteria. Prêt-à-Porter is what most fashion houses define as ready-to-wear, most designers exhibit these lines during Paris Fashion Week. Paris Fashion Week is beyond exclusive, as most of the world’s famous designers choose this city to debut their new lines. Since its inception in 1973, Paris Fashion Week has become a mecca of the best shows and the best parties. This year Demna Vgasalia made a huge debut, showcasing couture suits at Balenciaga, with off-the-shoulder parkas, baggy tinsel and turtleneck knits. Other show highlights included a break to recognize emerging talented designers. The LVMH prize, awarded in May, awards 300,000 Euros to a new designer. At the event fashion industry veterans, designers and editors met designers who made the short list to receive the prize.