Have you ever looked at a well-dressed woman and wondered, “I want to be a fashionista like her”? If yes, then you are in the right place. 

For some people, being a fashionista isn’t a tough call. It comes to them naturally, so they hardly have to try! But then there are other women who need proper guidance to be a fashionista. 

If you belong to the second category, then there’s nothing to be embarrassed about. Instead, it’s time to step up and embrace the fashionista inside you. Wondering how? Try out these quick tips:

Take Inspiration from Others

You can only be a true fashionista if you can get inspired. It doesn’t have to be a person only. You can get inspired by blogs, tv-series, pop culture, and even fictional characters. 

Once you take inspiration from others, try combining it with your style. The iconic trend of mix and match works wonders in fashion. It can transform a boring dress into an iconic style statement. 


If you are well-dressed but aren’t confident enough, it wouldn’t make you a true fashionista. Your dressing sense depends partially on your confidence. So, chin up and walk proudly even if you think your dress isn’t looking good. Your personality will transform your look from “blah” to “wow!”. 

You must have seen many models suffering from wardrobe malfunctions on the ramp yet set the stage on fire with their confidence. That’s a clear example of what self-confidence can do to your look!

Spend Less, Think More!

Most women buy a million worth of dresses, yet they don’t see a change in themselves! That’s because to be a true fashionista, you do not necessarily have to spend a fortune on materials. 

You simply need to have the right eye to find an outfit that fits your style. It could be from a small thrift store or a shopping mall. All that matters is whether you are comfortable in it. If you are, then the price tag does not matter. Plain and simple! 

Get Motivated with Fashion Wall Art in Your Room

You become the person you live in. That’s why tweak your ambience a little. You wouldn’t have to revamp your entire room. Instead, you can add unique fashion wall arts for your bedroom to reflect your new style. These arts could feature any fashionable element that you are inspired by!

For example, check out the image above. If you are currently into hats or red lips, this one’s great wall art to put on the wall. It will remind you of your fashion sense and how you can improve the same! 

While this is just an example, you can go beyond accessories and put on wall arts with fashion covers, your favorite shoes, outfits, or literally anything! 

Be Creative

As a fashionista, you have to think out of the box and be creative with your look. For that, you need to play around and try new things. You also need to step outside your comfort zone and go beyond your usual style. 

The more you get creative with your style, the more you evolve as a fashionista. Look for the areas that you think are a little too much, and modify them smartly. If you think that the outfit is too bland, research well and decide on something that will make it stand out.

Have Fun while Exploring Your Style

Being a fashionista isn’t just about clothes and accessories; it’s about having fun while exploring your style! So, whether you are shopping, dressing, or trying new outfits, do not lose your fun self in between all. Try to make your journey amusing instead of boring. That would help you to be the perfect fashionista!

Be a Flawless Fashionista!

Lastly, we would suggest you to be yourself! In fashion, it’s fine to take inspiration from others. But, if you aren’t comfortable with something, do not force yourself to adjust to the same.