By Simi A Mira

There is a good chance that you are very busy in today’s on the go world. But your beauty shouldn’t suffer just because you are busy.

1. Houses Have Foundations, Planes Do Not. 

Forget the foundation! Just wear some bronzed or tinted moisturizer and go. Moisturizers are easy to carry in your purse and the plus side: you don’t need a mirror to put it on. This will make it look like you have foundation on when in actuality you do not. It is great. Add a little color and a little pop to your face with a single swipe of your hand.

2. Greasy Hair? No Problem.

Sometimes you just do not have the time for a shower or you slept in the office after working all night long. Of course, your hair is a mess and, ohhh the oiliness of your hair is beyond comprehension. You may start contemplating just using the sink to quickly wash your hair with hand-soap and then you start to stress about the fact that you know that your hair will frizz out because you have no products to put in afterwards. But don’t fret. Today’s world of cosmetics was made for the working woman. We now have a wonderful thing called “dry shampoo”. Simply brush your hair and spray it in. And BAM! Your hair is no longer as greasy as McDonald’s French fries.

3. Keep It as Tiny as You Can

All those cute little samples you get from stores and magazine? Bring them. They don’t take up much space and they are just the perfect size for a single use. Need more than the tiny samples? Many stores sell travel-sized versions of their products that are maybe a quarter the size of the normal versions. Feel free to get as many as you want because most travel sized are between 50 cents and $1.50. As an added bonus, you can show off how adorable they are to your beauty loving friends (because admit it, everything is cuter when it is mini).

4. Bags are Friends Not Foes

Ziploc bags are the most amazing thing you can have when you are on the go. You can keep everything nice and tidy. It also keeps spills contained because as any person knows shampoo bottles and random liquids love to ooze out of their containers when we are traveling (but ironically enough, when we are home, we have to fight, squeeze, and shake to make get a tiny drop). So make sure to bring extra Ziplocs.

5. Water You Doing?

Make sure you are staying hydrated during your trip. That means you and your face. Drinking lots of water will ensure that your skin doesn’t suffer from the lack of fresh air which cause stress blemishes and other unsightly things. Also, carry a refreshing mist on you to spray on your face. It not only cools you down but it also moisturizes.