By Calynn M. Lawrence

Have you ever wondered who the coolest fashion gurus are on the scene? Well, look no further because we are going to tell you who the hottest four fashion gurus that you should know are.


Fashion Guru's AMREZY1
Fashion Guru's AMREZY
Fashion Guru's AMREZY3

Amrezy is a stunning fashion guru with over 4 million Instagram followers and a surely sultry appeal to her fans. She is known for having a large and in charge attitude that is hard for some to handle but impressive to most. This same attitude is what has helped drive her to such massive success. She has her hands in everything! Whether it be having your own makeup line, a clothing line, slaying Snapchat on a regular basis, Amrezy has done it all honey!


Fashion Guru's tyme the infamous3
Fashion Guru's tyme the infamous1
Fashion Guru's tyme the infamous

Tyme the Infamous has been known as that fierce female diva who embraces the border line drag styles trending on social media and adding her own glam spin to them! Whether it’s bright pink wigs and fly away lashes or a dark berry lip and a rainbow smokey eye, she’ll do it, she’ll kill it and she’ll make you wanna try it too! This girl knows how to make any clothing style, makeup style, hair style look like a million bucks! No wonder she has her own fashion line, makeup line, makeup school and a huge following!

THE GLAMAZONSfashion guru's the glamazons

The Glamazons are a blog that was started to not only educate women on fashion finds and tips for all seasons but to empower women to be uplifted and to do better. This blog is something that you should check in on because every time you leave you will be left with fun fashion knowledge as well as having some sense of encouragement. The owners are both thriving entrepreneurs who not only are building their own businesses but they have made it their mission to help other women become independently successful as well.


patricia bright
patricia bright
patricia bright

Patricia Bright is a cute and sweet fashion guru who will make you feel right at home. She does well to compose great content, whether it be on her YouTube channel or on her Instagram. She is someone you should watch because she has a pleasantly poised demeanors about herself, making any video topic soothing and relatable. She is so light hearted and comical, that it takes away from the serious demeanors that many fashion gurus try to portray. Yes, fashion is a very competitive industry, but it never hurts to have fun!