By Gabby Neal

You bet your bottom dollar, this summer every model and their Instagram will be travelling to across the globe in search of the perfect #summer post. Whether it’s along the Almafi coast, sunset wonders of Santorini or pebbled beaches of Capri – there’s no escaping the onslaught of imagery set to trend on socials.

But nonetheless, to even consider attempting the shot – you need the perfect backdrop and props to completely curate the setting.

And to help you, we’ve perfected the list of backpack essentials you need to get you there.

A simple, elegant backpack

Something that won’t take the focus off you or the backdrop. You want it to be big enough that it holds everything in place, yet small and conspicuous so as to not dominate. Something super sleek and light weight.

beach bag essentialsCharlie Middleton
beach bag essentialsCuyana

Turkish towel

Because no one uses a real one anymore….These are perfect for the beach as they dry quicker and don’t take up as much space. Meaning much more room for everything else.

Water bottle

Not just any old plastic bottle, you need to make sure you’re drinking out of something environmentally friendly AND good for your insides as well.

Slimming full piece

A must – no bikini’s. You can’t be seen to accumulate likes or a following purely based on what assets you were dealt with. A classic full piece is practical (it doubles as a body suit) and can be a focal centre piece of your shot.
Even try something a little bit out there from your usual style, frills anyone?

beach bag essentialsTaje Swimwear
beach bag essentialsFor Love & Lemons

A Good Read

Even if it’s a magazine, newspaper or outstanding novel – reading a book is a perfect way to disconnect and breathe back life into your soul.

Instagram worthy sunglasses

Something which will hide those squinty eyes when looking out over the seaside. A statement pair of sunglasses is enough to bring any IG post from an 8 to a 10.

beach bag essentialsSunday Somewhere Eyewear

Hair tie

Just in case it gets a little too hot and sweaty and you find yourself needing to escape the heat. Instantly enjoy the breeze with your hair neatly fixed into a disheveled top knot.

Portable phone charger

So you can take as many pictures as your heart desires while still chatting to your friends back home.

Throw over sundress

Something cute, simple and sexy. You gotta show off those pins and killer tan!

Beach Bag EssentialsSir The Label
beach bag essentialsBec & Bridge