If you have guests over, the bathroom probably isn’t the first room they’ll see. Still, it’s one of the indicators that your home is chic and luxurious. A bathroom is a place of relaxation where you can unwind with a soothing bath or complete your pre-bedtime routines. A clean, well-designed bathroom will make a good impression on your guests and be a pleasure to use daily.

When it comes to bathroom upgrades, you may believe a complete redesign is required. However, simple, low-cost upgrades can completely transform the appearance of your restroom. It could be anything from a simple paint change to eye-catching flooring and bathroom art, among other things. 

Furthermore, you can install wall-mounted basin taps to control the water temperature in your bath. Check out the collection of black wall mounted basin taps from Letta London and invest in one that fits your space. We’ve compiled a list of some essential ideas that you can consider for your bathroom upgrade below.

Introduce Bathroom Arts

The living and dining rooms are not the only places to hang artwork in your home. Whether it’s a black-and-white painting or a colorful vintage photograph, a lovely work of art is a welcome addition to any space. Put some artwork in your bathroom as part of your home’s decor. This bathroom’s bathtub area is given an extra dose of tranquility thanks to the beach print that also unifies the room’s colour scheme.

Paintings, pictures, and wallpaper are common bathroom art ideas. However, sculptures, when properly lit, can also make a significant aesthetic contribution to a bathroom. A fresh atmosphere can be created by using them in the area.

Use Marble for a Stylish Look

Using marble can add a touch of luxury and style to your bathroom. The beauty of this material is that it can be used in various ways to revamp your restroom. And the beauty of it is that it is a versatile material that can be used in different ways.

First, marble flooring or counters are excellent options for a modern and elegant appearance. Marble shower walls are also a great way to upgrade the look and feel of your bathroom. Marble can also be used to surround your shower. Marble surrounds can transform a bathtub or shower into a spa.

Incorporate a Towel Ladder

Towel ladders are multipurpose accessories that can store and dry towels while adding a touch of elegance to your bathroom decor. There are a few reasons why a towel ladder could be a valuable addition to your new bathroom.

First, it saves space. Towel ladders are an excellent space-saving solution for bathrooms with limited floor and counter space. Instead of using traditional towel racks that take up wall space, a towel ladder can be leaned against a wall, allowing you to maximise your vertical space.

Moreover, it is easy to use and allows you to hang multiple towels at once. You can easily drape your towels over the ladder’s rungs, allowing them to air dry and stay fresh between uses.

Install a Modern Bathroom Shower

One of the bathroom upgrade ideas you can also consider is to invest in a modern shower. Showers are becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to bathtubs due to their convenience and safety benefits. In addition to improving your bathroom’s aesthetics, a modern shower’s smaller surface area makes it much simpler to clean than a bathtub.

Also, modern showers are easy to install. Because they do not require professional installation, shower cubicles can be less expensive. They also reduce the risk of slipping, which is important if you want your upgrade to be all-encompassing, providing beauty, functionality, and security. As a result, you don’t have to be concerned about your children or older adults being injured while bathing.

Use Bathroom Lighting

Bathroom lighting provides illumination for your shower or bath. But it goes beyond that. Lightning creates a huge impact and brings a soothing and pleasant ambiance to your bathroom. When thinking of decorating your bathroom with lights, there are several types you can consider.

Ceiling lights for the bathroom are a great option because of their functionality. You need your bathroom to be well-lit and convenient in the mornings, especially around the mirror. But you also want to unwind with a warm bath at the end of the day. Also, you may want to go for classic table lamps for bathroom lighting. A traditional table lamp may not be the first thing that comes to mind, but it could be the perfect addition if your bathroom has enough space.


The bathroom may differ from the places people see in your home. It is one of the few places to get some peace, so it must be designed to help you unwind. It will help if you consider functionality and safety as you explore different options for remodeling.

Meanwhile, you don’t have to break the bank before you breathe new life into your bathroom. A simple touch of repainting, marble tiles, and lighting can transform your lavatory into a stylish one.