By Alex Knies

Despite the layers of makeup and flashing lights, modeling is definitely not as glamorous as it may look. In fact, it’s a job – and not your regular 9-5pm either. So with a time-consuming occupation like modeling; it’s hard to balance other tasks.

And for me it’s high school.

I started modeling in the summer when I had weeks’ homework-free. It wasn’t until I got back into my schooling that I realized how time-consuming modeling actually was.

It wasn’t just posing for the camera and then leaving. There is a lot of work behind every shot. The whole process between castings and fittings and traveling and shooting can be so tedious and exhausting.

At first, it was hard to find a medium between my shoots and homework, at that time there were no sites like I was constantly tired and stressed and at the most important point in my high school career, I let it take priority. Not that I ever regret modeling; it’s a great opportunity. I’m learning social skills and making great connections through designers and I get to see all these amazing locations. I just regret neglecting my studies rather than learning how to balance them.

Luckily, there can be a lot of down time on set. The weather might change, lighting isn’t right or someones running late, and I’ve found that it’s these moments which provide the perfect opportunity to get stuck into some study.
Pro-tip: find time to chill out. Especially as a model, being thrust into the spotlight. Going from a chill environment to being treated like the next Cindy Crawford is overwhelming. Stepping back gives a chance to realize that modeling is a job…it’s not a complete lifestyle. If more people took the time to reflect I think there’d be less egos in Hollywood (and in life).

Both school and modeling have taught me some incredible lessons for example, I now treat the studio as I do a classroom – an environment to soak up as much information as I can to better myself and my career. Learn as much as I can from both teacher and photographer.

Yes, modeling is a job. And yes, high school can be a hassle. But that doesn’t mean the two can’t coincide and both aren’t as equally important when experiencing and learning life lessons. It’s all about finding the right balance which can be as easy as adding one plus one.