By Carrie Lynn
OnOption Blog

Starting out in the industry and knowing absolutely zilch about modeling makes for some interesting situations!

WARNING: Do NOT shoot with student photographers!  Obviously not all of them are awful, just ones with a delusional idea of creativity.  Ask what you are shooting before you go.

I had an experience with one of these geniuses.  It was my second shoot ever and the agency I signed with set it up.  Being a well-known agency I assumed the photographer would be as decent as the first one I worked with.  Rule #1-Never make assumptions.  I get to the location and the guy said I would be shooting with ice cream.

I was naive.  At the time I thought, “Okay this could be cool, I trust you.  You have ice cream!”  I think I was more distracted by the sweets than anything else. He tricked me!

Anyway, we started off shooting some beauty, and after a few shots he wanted to bring in the ice cream.  I didn’t really know what to do.  I’ve only ever eaten the stuff.  I’ve never had to make it look “fierce.”  I actually remember trying to come up with creative way to get him his shots and get a free dessert at the same time!  Smart one Carrie, add to the freshmen fifteen.  Fatty!  Okay… off subject!!!  The guy seriously had some strange fantasies.

I don’t know how he expected me to be “fierce” with a damn ice cream cone on my head!  Yep of all things to do with it, he wanted it on my head.  And I put it there!  I didn’t hesitate or ask questions!!!  I guess all the finger licking temporarily halted my brain functionality.  You could say my mood changed the second I realized what I did!

I got even more pissed when I realized how ridiculous this whole shoot was and that the idiot was only getting pictures for his book, better yet for his school project.  I’d be horrified if he thought putting these in his book would help his career at all.  It certainly wasn’t helping mine.  In fact, it definitely would do the opposite.  Ohhhh boy does it get better.  How was I going to get the ice cream out of my hair?  I was at a photo school.  They didn’t have showers!!!

Pissed is a too pleasant a word to describe my hate for this day.  I hated this guy and modeling in general at this point.  I left as soon as possible. Ice cream and sprinkles still in hair.  Let me just add, this was the longest mile walk home.  It felt like it took me ages and I was ready to knock out anyone who so much as looked at me.

Three shampoos later, still with sprinkles stuck to my scalp, I went to the agency.  My booker was totally excited for me to have new pictures until I explained to her what had happened.   Everyone at the booking table got a good laugh in.  Mean bookers!!!  She told me that I should have left the second he told me what we were doing!  WHAT?!?!?!  You mean I went through all of that and I could have just left?  Yep!  Even more pissed now!  Obviously by now I’ve learned that you have to speak up and know what you are and are not willing to do.  I will never do that again…well…if it was a paid job, I would consider thinking about it!

Very few people have ever seen the pictures from that day.  For your entertainment and because I find it hilarious now, here you go.  Laugh away!!!
carrie wearing ice cream