By: Eleanor Pendleton
Gritty Pretty – @gritty_pretty

The key to getting the luminous look right is knowing the difference between glowy and oily and, of course, how to avoid the latter.

To create a deliciously dewy and radiant complexion, I’ve got a couple of tricks to share with you.

To start, blend a teeny tiny pea-sized amount of a liquid illuminator into your foundation. You can simply mix by using your fingers, then apply directly onto your face. This will ensure the product melts onto the skin while giving it a glowing boost. This is great for those mornings when your skin feels a little lacklustre.

After applying your bronzer onto the contours of your face, it’s time to go in again with your illuminator. You can use the same liquid formula or try a powder – like I have – if you prefer.

Before applying, imagine you’re drawing a ‘C’ from the end of your eyebrow out, around and down to the top of your cheekbone. Then, add a little bit along the bridge of the nose, the cupid’s bow, which is just above your top lip, the tip of your chin and very lightly on the forehead.



Remember: illuminator works on all different skin tones, but you want to make sure you avoid choosing one that is too pink. Those with pale skin should opt for pearly, oyster shades to brighten skin. And, if you have a darker skin tone like me, stick with more golden hues.

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