By Amy Finlayson

Jessica Gomes of Equal Beauty @Equal_Beauty

Celebrating the uniqueness of not only Australian women, but women all over the globe, Gomes has created a beauty line that hopes to transcend race and prejudice, whilst working wonders on all complexions. Available at David Jones and


Amy Finlayson of The Fin Collection @TheFinCollection

Embracing all aspects of art, Finlayson curates exhibitions, collects art, consults for businesses and private clients, writes amazing pieces (like this one!) and also creates her own unique pieces of art, all at


Nicole Trunfio of Erth Jewelery @ErthJewelry

Packed with beauty that (nearly) outshines her, Trunfio’s divine fine jewelry label, ERTH jewelery is a diffusion line to her namesake Trunfio Universe label, and is pure heaven. Worn by nearly every famous influencer on your timeline, you can also have a piece of her handmade striking creations here


Simone Kerr of Balletto @BalletoBody

With a background in ballet dancing, over a decade in the modeling world, plus a business degree up her sleeve, Kerr combined her talents into a business of fashionable dancewear. Named after all her good friends (The Simone, The Tiah, The Amy…), Kerr’s line of Ballet leotards have been an incredible hit with the uber flexible and are uber chic (from the Barre to the Beach!). Get yours at


Shanay Hall at @ShanayTheDoula

After giving birth to her daughter Iyla Wilde, Hall decided to give back. Studying to become a certified Doula, she now practices and assists the birthing process from her hometown of Berlin.


Tiah Eckhardt of Celeste @OhYesCeleste

Perth born, San Francisco based Eckhardt has a penchant for the extravagant and her SF based label Celeste is nothing short of the fabulously frivolous. Incorporating both clothing, accessories and even footwear, Celeste should definitely be a part of every wardrobe. Shop here


Zanita Whittington of @ZanitaZanita

Moving from in front of the lense to behind the camera, Zanita jumped on the Blogger bandwagon long before it was cool. She not only shoots and creates her own content, but she has a very cool and fashionably educated eye for detail, along with some well-earned advice to impart. Check out her musings at


Miranda Kerr of Kora @KoraOrganics

The Queen of them all, I hope I don’t have to explain the booming beauty business she has created. Spawned from her healthy lifestyle and love of Noni juice, Kerr created Kora out of pure passion, blood, sweat, and tears. Hats off to the success she has received, I hope we can all emulate her business ethics and grand success.