Remote work is becoming the new normal for many professionals, freelancers, and even corporate employees with work-from-home facilities. They enjoy the freedom to work from anywhere with a Wi-Fi connection and a laptop. This shift has created a booming market for remote work-friendly accommodations.

As a host, you have the golden opportunity to transform your Airbnb property in Hobart into a digital workstation for these modern-day travellers. There are some major areas in which you can optimise your Airbnb according to the needs of digital nomads. You can even take the help of Airbnb management in Hobart to make it possible.

What Do They Need?

Professionals who can work from anywhere come to Airbnb properties, not just as tourists. They need a functional and comfortable space to be productive, such as reliable Wi-Fi, a dedicated workspace, and amenities that support their work-life balance.

Here are some ways to make your Airbnb property suitable for their needs:

1. High-Speed Internet Connection

Wi-Fi is an important element of a digital workstation. Invest in a high-speed internet plan to handle video calls, file uploads, and multiple devices. Be upfront about the download and upload speeds in your listing description. A Wi-Fi booster can eliminate dead zones and provide a strong signal throughout the property for larger spaces or those with thick walls. Offer a wired Ethernet connection as an alternative to Wi-Fi for added stability.

2. A Dedicated Workspace

A picture of a beautifully lit desk with an ergonomic chair overlooking a calming view is a magnet for instant booking. Create a dedicated workspace in your rental. It doesn’t need to be a whole room; a smartly arranged corner with a desk, a comfortable chair, and proper lighting can be enough. Include photos of this space in your listing to showcase its functionality.

3. Tech-Friendly Elements

Although an essential workspace is great, add some tech-friendly elements that elevate the experience if possible. A spare monitor, a surge protector, a wireless mouse and keyboard, a printer with ink, or a comfortable yoga mat for those post-work stretches can make a big difference. These small additions create a positive guest experience.

4. A Productive Environment

Digital nomads need focus. Your rental should offer a quiet environment away from major noise sources like busy streets or construction zones. If required, add blackout curtains for light control. Also, sitting for long periods of time can be a pain. Invest in comfortable chairs with good back support to prevent discomfort and fatigue. A few plants, inspiring artwork, or a cosy throw can add some personal touch and make the space more welcoming.

5. Other Essentials

A functional workspace is essential, but creating an inspiring workspace is also important. Digital nomads usually have non-traditional work schedules. According to their needs, offer flexible check-in and check-out times. Provide a list of local co-working spaces, cafes with good Wi-Fi, and printer-friendly businesses. Highlighting these resources shows you’ve put thought into their experience. If your rental is a shared space, encourage your guests to create a community. A communal workspace or a shared social area is a great way for them to connect and combat feelings of isolation.

Highlighting Your Remote Work Credentials

You need to display your Airbnb’s remote-work capabilities to attract travellers looking for a place with a digital workspace. When writing your listing title and description, add relevant keywords like “remote-work friendly,” “Wi-Fi-equipped”, or “digital workspace.”

Instead of generic descriptions, highlight the specific features suitable for remote workers. Discuss the Wi-Fi speed, the desk setup, and any additional tech amenities you offer.

High-quality photos are crucial to any Airbnb listing. Display your workspace with all its features and other amenities that attract digital workers, like quiet common areas or a balcony with a view.

List your rental on platforms specially designed for remote workers. Target your social media advertising towards communities of travellers with remote work facilities and work groups.

Closing Thoughts

Remote workers often get bored working from their homes and look out for a space where they can work peacefully and enjoy beautiful scenic views. If your Airbnb property is based on a place like a hill station, a beach, or a tourist destination, you can attract such travellers to your property and boost your bookings. So, grab this chance and create a space with comfortable accommodation and a dedicated workstation.