By Jenni Sellan

We’ve given you the best advice on preparing for your photo shoot and now it’s time to focus on how you can bring you’re ‘a game’ on the day (and every single day) and perhaps even more importantly how to create an impression that will keep you on top and your calendar full.

And of course a final shout out to Fashion and Beauty Photographer Dave Blake for sharing his not so secret, secrets to achieving photo-shoot prowess.

Be Warm. Be professional. Be part of the team. Get Personal. Be Present.

1. Give Attention To The Team

When you’re on set, be conscious of the fact that you need to be ‘on’ at a moment’s notice, both in front of the camera, and behind the scenes, for (BTS) ‘snaps’.
Be mindful of conserving your energy but balance things out by being warm and attentive for the cameras, and avoid becoming disengaged by spending too much time on your phone.
As a general rule of thumb, pay attention to what’s happening on set as opposed to what’s happening on your social feed. Any down time would be better put to use by asking questions and being genuinely interested in the other people in the room. Karlie Kloss is renowned for connecting with individuals within the team, particularly in the early stages of her career as she took it upon herself to learn about their particular skillset and to understand what was important from their perspective. It’s certainly not hampered her career in any way!
Attention Pays.

2. Allow The Director To Direct

Understanding your role in the team

It’s important to understand on a photo-shoot, which individuals are calling the shots and those who are essentially responsible for delivering the outcome. It can be the client, creative or art director, the photographer, or a combination of the above.
As long as what you are being asked to do is in line with the creative brief and not compromising your personal safety or crossing professional boundaries, allow those in charge to direct you and unless they specifically ask you to make some suggestions avoid the temptation of interfering with the process and appreciate that each individual within the team has a specific role to play in creating the story.

3. Fashion Can Be Awkward (With Some Qualifications)

Don’t do anything you’re not comfortable with. Use your intuition. Trust yourself

There is no denying that fashion and beauty photography can sometimes be uncomfortable or feel a little awkward – being positioned with bad posture, shooting in unusual locations while wearing uncomfortable clothing, shooting a swimwear campaign in the middle of winter!

Take it one step further and there can also be an unspoken undertone of sexuality in fashion advertising and this is where it’s important to determine the difference between what’ qualifies as ‘uncomfortable’ and what’s simply unacceptable.
DON”T do anything you are not personally comfortable with. Photo-shoots can be ‘sexy’ but anything risqué should be purposeful, agreed to in advance and disclosed by your agency. Use your intuition – if it feels wrong for the casting, it probably is. Don’t compromise and if anything is out of line, communicate.

After The Shoot

1. Be Socially Generous #sharethelove

Share client work. Credit and tag the team.

We have it on good advice that clients will specifically take note of the models that comment on their brand posts, and share their campaign images. From a photographer’s perspective, we will be more likely to suggest a model for casting if they’re a great social sharer. Sharing just one social post can go a long way to getting you rebooked. The industry is saturated and extremely competitive. Giving credit where credit is due creates nothing but good vibes, gratitude and appreciation, and ultimately will help you to develop a great reputation within the industry.

2. Follow Up With Thanks

It’s really just good manners, (your Mum will be proud) But the easiest way to be remembered is to send a quick note to say thanks to whoever you would like to work with again. Go one step further and send a hand written note. #radical
It’s the simple things.

Take notes, share the love and add photo shoot prowess to your portfolio.  Become your very own point of difference.