Meet Sasha Benz, Wyld Blue and Wyld Black. Benz’s success as a well-rounded businesswoman did not happen overnight. Her tenacity, creativity, enthusiasm, and drive has opened the opportunity for her to dip her toes into a variety of creative ventures such as being a freelance fashion stylist, Creative Director at a hot spot hotel, and becoming CEO of a lifestyle blog and a digital business card app. 

Her career began working as a freelance fashion stylist on cover shoots, fashion editorials, designer collections, and major advertising campaigns. The Sydney native has worked with esteemed fashion magazines like Harper’s Bazaar Australia, Vogue Australia, and Vanity Fair. As a stylist, her clientele included many celebrities such as Sara Sampaio, Ruby Rose, Cate Blanchett, Kylie Minogue, Michael Bublé, and David Cambell. She has also worked alongside photographers Annie Liebovitz on a cover shoot for Vanity Fair and Ellen Von Unworth at Vs. Magazine. 

In 2014, after working as a freelance fashion stylist, Benz decided to venture out on her own. She became the founder and CEO of the lifestyle blog All My Friends Are Models which had offices in Sydney, New York and Los Angeles. The blog launched and reached great heights, becoming well-recognized in New York and eventually landing Benz a job offer at the trendy hotel and restaurant in Montauk, the Surf Lodge where she worked as their Creative Director. 

Working at the Surf Lodge looked different day to day. Benz’s role meant a multitude of things depending on what was needed. One day she could be hosting between four to five events. Other days she could be organizing brand pop-up activations while also restructuring and redesigning the spaces at the hotel. But she states that her main purpose as Creative Director was to create unforgettable moments for guests at the Surf Lodge and those who come across it.

In addition to working at the Surf Lodge, Benz channeled her entrepreneurial skills to juggle another project: creating the Cinq app. Throughout her career, Benz has made a variety of contacts among the jobs she’s had. Her phone has always been full of numbers of people she’s wanted to get in touch with. Since she is always meeting people regularly either in person or through other platforms like Instagram or WhatsApp, Benz realized she needed something that would help her keep track of all her connections. From that came Cinq. 

Of course, Benz’s calendar is full of meetings, hosting events, and meeting project deadlines, but that doesn’t mean it has gotten in the way of being a mother to her three wonderful children, Rhyth, Babybi, and Haze. In fact, her typical night in includes being at home in Montauk spending time with her children and eating takeout with her husband, Oliver. 

Throughout her career, Benz has strived to do more than her job responsibilities require and has been willing to step out of her comfort zone to create work in different fields. She carries out the projects she works on all the way through and knows exactly what she is capable of: being a motivated and driven businesswoman.