Whether your hair has become thinner due to stress or has always lacked a bit of volume, that is a problem that no one likes! When your hair becomes thinner, it can be more difficult to style and can even begin to fall out— only increasing the process of your hair thinning. In an effort to fix this for you, we decided to sit down and do some research on the best ways to thicken your hair in order to get the best natural volume you can. 

Change up your diet

Issues with hair growth can stem from genetics and other enviornmental factors, however when it comes to fixing this problem the first step will be noticing what you eat. Oftentimes fatty foods will help to thicken your hair because they will be filled with Omega-3 fatty acids- an element that your hair loves! Other items to incorporate into your diet will be those that are high in protein, biotin or Vitamin A. 

Reduce heat styling 

If you haven’t heard- and I’m sure you have- heat styling will severely damage your hair. Consistently changing your hair’s shape to curl or straighten it through heat will breakdown the proteins in your hair, leading to frizzy and thinning hair. To curb this, try to only change your hairs natural shape 1-2 times a week or find a heat-proof alternative such as rollers.

Add extra vitamins to your hair 

Adding extra vitamins to your hair through capsules, hair masks or serums is one of the best ways to help thinning hair. When it comes to finding a brand that does this, Vegamour is our favorite over here at All my friends are models. 100% vegan, cruelty-free, along with being endorsed by Nicole Kidman, we swear by these products. Designed to strengthen your hair and promote growth through a combination of plant activates that are all safe for long-term use there’s nothing we’ve found about these products to disappoint us.