By Naima Karp

Androgyny has been all the craze recently, and for good reason. Model Andrej Pejic, the poster-child of androgyny, has helped popularize the look through more accessible brands like Burberry. Androgynous looks have always been around, from woody allen’s annie hall to celebrities like tilda swinton and sissy spacek on the red carpet, but we’re over the typical unisex blazer and combat boots. Here are some unique duds that will help you pull of the androgynous trend this season. 

Varsity jackets

We’ve seen the varsity jacket from a variety of big players in the music industry this year, including kanye west and the forever stylish a$ap rocky. Texture and color is a cool thing to play around with in varsity jackets. Details like drawstrings and buttons can also be subtle inclusions that make it a standout piece.  It can be a good way to introduce color into your wardrobe while remaining in a relatively neutral palette. The cuff detailing makes it really original, as does the built in hoodie.

Moto jackets

The blazer has been done many a time, and the same could be said for the motorcycle jacket. Try a jacket from streetwear brand obey. Buying a leather piece in a light wash of brown is more interesting than the classic black, as are the high snap-closure buttons at the top of the jacket. A zipper closure can open up guys and girls to wear a floral button down underneath for a more colorful look, or a dark solid for something more subdued.

Ankle grazers

There are a ton of beautiful takes on the ankle grazer, another unisex necessity. Brands like rag & bone get it just right, especially styled with a loose and airy tank. For guys, try a rougher, more structured fabric; maybe a khaki or denim variety, keeping the straight leg with a little bit of a peg curve at the bottom. It’s a good way to usher in the warm weather if you’re not the biggest fan of shorts. If it’s still a little chilly, the look works as a useful transition piece.

Denim button-downs

The denim button-down should be a year round staple in your closet, since it’s a highly functional basic. The wash on this is slightly more chambray than totally denim, and the it makes for a great spring addition. Play around with different washes of denim, like acid-washed, as well as lighter and darker ones. The pocket is an opportunity for styling a kerchief, or your favorite vintage chanel broach. For girls, try leaving a few buttons on the top and the bottom undone with high-waist soft shorts for a little more oomph. 

Oversized cardigan

I am in love with oversized cardigans, and now totally invested in the single button closure, which may not have been enough for the past months, but perfect for the upcoming ones. Cardigans look great paired with a collared shirt, which adds more dimension to the outfit. The slightly long sleeves along with the wide silhouette makes the standards grandpa cardigan a little more edgy. This is a good chance for vintage hunting, and you’ll be grateful you made the purchase on those lazy days when you’re not quite sure what to throw on. Girls, get an annie hall vibe by pairing the sweater with a floral maxi dress, and some mary janes with socks.


From chunky opening ceremony patent leather ones with a tractor bottom heel, to awesome round-toed clunky marnie pieces, oxfords with a grunge twist have been big these season. An exaggerated toe makes it more modern, as does a distressed, dark wash, which goes with a super wide range of colors. A stacked wooden heel keeps some of the classic oxford sensibilities, but the rounder toe gives it a cooler look. Try it with cuffed peg-leg jeans, or even a bermuda short, if you’re a little more of a risk-taker.


While the black beanie has been spotted on almost every new yorker, the more colorful ones still catch my eye. Try a lightweight one by asos. They’re lightweight and knit, so you can wear it whenever and wherever. A ribbed design has a cool skater look to it, and you can always cuff the bottom if you want it to have a tighter fit.