CrossFit enthusiasts engage in a variety of demanding exercises, all lumped up into one. There are numerous benefits to being well prepared for these exercises. Having an essential kit plus a few accessories is among the ways you’ll be ready to take up any challenge. There are also special exercises like gymnastics, brutal chippers, and weightlifting, which require specialized equipment. As a CrossFit enthusiast, you have a lot to learn as you go, and having just the right tools is among the ways you can achieve your fitness goals. 

Below are seven must-have pieces of equipment for any CrossFit enthusiast.

1. The Right Training Gear

If you are an ardent fan of cross fitting, then you must invest in just the right gear. Truth be told, there are lots of options out there some of which will help you to achieve your fitness goals while others, well, let’s not go there! For instance, if you invest in CrossFit weighted vests, you’ll have the advantage of working out your upper body as you go through the other rigorous CrossFit routines. Needless to mention is the fact that you’ll achieve more than the peers who came into the gym with their ordinary vests. Among the factors you’ll need to consider when picking the right weighted CrossFit vests to include: 

  • Consider the size of the vest
  • Ensure to pick vests with breathable and wicking materials
  • The vest should be padded for maximum comfort
  • Consider weighted vests with adjustable straps
  • Check the weight of the vest before picking just any vest

Among other CrossFit gear you might consider investing in include: 

  • The right pair of shoes
  • A water bottle
  • A sweat towel
  • The right bra, tees, or tops

2. Powerlifting Equipment

There’s a good reason why most people are not into CrossFit. This is not one of those workout routines where you’ll get into with a lukewarm spirit. Your mind must be in the game if you are to get the most out of it. To build your stamina, you need to invest in powerlifting equipment. There’s no CrossFit without some weightlifting equipment among which might include: 

  • Dumbbells – Dumbbells are a must-have on any CrossFit enthusiast checklist. They are small yet can potentially help you achieve your fitness goals. Needless to mention is the fact that they don’t require a lot of space to store. You’ll however need to be extra cautious on the weight requirements and how you take care of them. 
  • Kettlebells – Like dumbbells, kettlebells are also essential to your CrossFit training program. They’ll help when it comes to strengthening your arms and core muscles. 
  • A power tower – This is your one-stop solution to most of your fitness needs. As an ardent crossfitter, a power tower will come in handy to help in strengthening your arms, back, shoulders, core muscles, your legs, and the list is endless. 
  • The right barbell – A good quality barbell will be all that it takes to help you lift the different weights you might need to lift in your workout routines. Steel has been found to be the best construction material for barbells. Also, consider a barbell with a grip feature. 

3. Weight Bench

If you are into Crossfit, then you most likely will need a weight bench. Most importantly consider a bench that’s most suited to your specific workout needs and the weights you’ll be lifting. Power training is easier said than done and having just the right weight bench will be critical in helping you realize your fitness goals. Consider a bench that’s sturdy, comfortable, and durable. 

When investing in a CrossFit weight bench, consider an option that will be adjustable to fit into the variety of workout routines you’ll be engaged in from time to time. You might be needing a bench that can easily be reclined or declined. Either way, you need a bench that can easily be adjusted depending on your fitness needs. Among other things, the dimensions of your weight bench should also be factored in before making the final purchase decision. 

4. Metal plates

7 Must-Have Pieces of Equipment for CrossFit Enthusiasts

What’s the use of a weight bench if you don’t have metal plates? Crossfit requires weight lifting from time to time and having an assortment of metal plates can make a huge difference in your workout routines. Having a weightlifting station at your disposal can help you gain or shed off those extra pounds. Weight lifting is an essential part of training and conditioning the body. It’s also among the ways you can train for perseverance

5. A Workout Mat

As a CrossFit enthusiast, it’s not every day that you’ll be engaged in strenuous workout routines. There are times when you’ll only need to zen out on a mat. This means finding a mat that’s comfortable. Depending on the various activities you might need to undertake while on a mat, choose a mat that will be best suited to your specific needs. It’s not uncommon for CrossFit lovers to practice yoga after a strenuous workout. Consider a non-slip mat that’s durable and of the best quality. 

6. A Pull-up Bar

7 Must-Have Pieces of Equipment for CrossFit Enthusiasts

This is among the most essential of CrossFit equipment you can invest in as it allows you to work out your upper body. Your upper body plays a crucial role in most of the CrossFit workout routines. The pull-up bar will also come in handy when strengthening your core muscles. Nevertheless, before installing one in our home, consider your space, your weight, and what you intend to achieve from it. 

7. Treadmill

There are so many treadmill options to choose from. You might consider manual or electric treadmills. Most CrossFit enthusiasts will go for manual treadmills but with advancements in sporting equipment technology, it’s all about choosing the right treadmill with the inclusion of all the right features. It’s of utmost importance, however, that you take care of your treadmill as they don’t come cheap. This means regularly oiling the moving parts, setting the speed programs depending on your training program, and thoroughly cleaning your equipment after every workout routine. 

As you can see, it takes more than just having the title of being a crossfitter. You need to invest in the right equipment if you are to get the most out of your workout routines. The above are some of the must-have equipment you’ll need if you are a CrossFit enthusiast. 

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