By Simi A Mira

If you are anything like me, you probably spend hours watching tutorials on YouTube learning how to create the most complicated braids ever. Sure, all these impossible hair-dos are pretty cool, if you work as a Tumblr model. If you are a normal person unlike me, then you probably don’t have time for this.

Still, want to get rid of the hair in your face and remain as hot as you always need to be? Well here’s a secret for you: there’s nothing like the ponytail. If you forgot how sexy you can look with only this simple accessory, here are 7 iconic ponytails to refresh your memory.

Audrey Hepburn’s Classy Star

A feminine icon? Audrey Hepburn. If you still see that beautiful naughty face on pillows, post-cards and other tea cups, it’s because that woman created a legend. She knew how to shine and she knew how to adapt. Seeing her with that busy-woman ponytail walking around Manhattan, will make you want to tighten your hair right away.

Audrey Hepburn ponytail
Audrey Hepburn POnytail

Brigitte Bardot’s Ultimate Sexy

If there was to be a woman to illustrate men’s biggest dreams and deepest desires, it would be Brigitte Bardot. Putting her acting skills aside, you’ll have to admit that physically, she had it all. Now forget for a minute about her thick blond hair playing freely and look at that long, shiny ponytail. God created woman.

Brigitte bardot ponytail
Brigitte bardot pony tail

Madonna’s Best Friend

How can you sing, dance and strip around while your hair is getting in the way? Well you just can’t. And since being in perpetual movement is key to success, the Queen of Pop has found the perfect solution: a dynamic and stylistic ponytail.

Madona ponytail
Madonna ponytail

Sarah Jessica Parker’s City Woman

Six seasons of Sex and the City, hundreds of designers dresses, thousands of shoes and yet, one great hair-do. Why did Carry Bradshaw get mad at Burger her boyfriend? Because his motorbike helmet ruined her pony-tail. Sisters before misters.

SarahJessica parker ponytail
SarahJessica parker ponytail

Gwen Stefani’s Punk

The idol of every girl who ever dreamed of being the cool singer of a rock-punk band. Well, if you were trying to get closer to her by painting your hair black, you got it all wrong. All it takes is a banana tucked in a pony-tail. Ready to roll.

gwen steani ponytail
GWEN stefani ponytail

Katy Perry’s Original Creation

When it comes to her hair, Katy likes to be… original. Which is one way to put it. Even when she goes for a classic, she has to make it hers. Well here comes Katy with a Cleopatra half pony-tail, half braid. Participation is what counts, doesn’t it?

katyperry ponytail
Katypery ponytail

Queen B’s Crown

Queen B does it too, but of course – she does it better. That applies to music, marriage, kids, and pony-tails. Our Majesty has been seen on the red carpet with a pony-tail aiming for the stars. And why do we care about Beyoncé’s pretty classic, yet quite high pony tail? Because you have to learn from the best.

Beyonce ponytail
beyonce ponytail

It doesn’t take a worldwide famous star to realize that a pony-tail is for life. Whether you want to show your eyes or hide greasy hair, never forget that they’ve all been through that.