This is A Haircare Helper

Getting split ends is always disappointing, and we can become aware of them very early in adolescence. There is always a brand and best practice that claims to be the solution to split ends, but how do you know what actually works? Through painstaking trial and error, we have narrowed down 6 tips that will prevent split ends and soften the hair that is already split.

Using a Wet Brush

Few beauty products have a cult following like Wet Brush. It’s such a straightforward hairbrush design, and yet it trumps all other brushes claiming the same benefits. Most people probably grew up thinking that brushing and detangling your hair wet can be damaging and cause unnecessary amounts of hair to be pulled out. Well, Wet Brush is designed to be used for wet and dry hair and gently detangles with soft rubber bristles.

Apply a heat protector

If you are someone who straightens, curls and blow dries your hair, then you need to be using a heat protector. Simply spray the heat protector to your roots and ends, or scrunch the ends if you use a cream or gel heat protector. The ceramic plates of these heating appliances can reach unbelievable heating levels, so applying this to unprotected hair will absolutely take its toll on your precious hair. Think of a heat protector as a durable barrier that allows you to style or straighten as much as you like, with no heat penetrating that barrier.


Keeping your hair hydrated is essential to its health and goes a long way in preventing split ends. Split ends are always present in dry and damaged hair so if you add some hydrating masks and products to your hair care regime, you should start to see fewer split ends. There really are endless benefits to prioritizing hydration in your hair so your healthy hair looks its best and requires less product. 

Getting a regular trim 

Trimming your hair on a regular basis is a common way to keep your split ends under control. Split ends can start at the very tip of your hair but they can very quickly climb your hair. A regular trim will nip the split ends when they occur, and while you might not believe it – regular trims are the best way to grow your hair long and healthy! When you are in the hairdresser’s chair, feel empowered to ask your hairdresser how they prevent split ends as they may be able to complete the trim by adding a leave-in mask on your ends.

Leave-in masks

A leave-in mask has so many benefits, and it is as easy as simply not washing out the mask. There are different kinds of masks with a variety of ingredients, so choose one that addresses any other hair issues you may be facing. You can buy a sleeping cap to protect your bed and pillows against wet, conditioned hair too, so if that is what has been standing in your way, you don’t have to worry anymore! If you go to Mecca or another reputable beauty and hair retailer, you can ask for some mask samples so you can try them before you spend. 

Lifestyle considerations

If it feels like your hair has a mind of its own, it may actually surprise you to know that we have more control over the way your hair grows and maintains. The time of day that you wash your hair and how you let it dry can determine how your hair will look and feel, so ensure that you are letting your hair air dry as often as you can. You also want to limit exposure to the sun as this is another factor that can significantly dry out your hair. Keeping your hair tied up in bands can also weaken brittle hair, so give your hair periods of time when it can be out and falling naturally.

Don’t suffer through another round of split ends and take control so that you hold onto healthier hair for longer. These 6 tips will result in smooth ends so be sure to stick to this curated routine and protect your hair against heat, the elements and dehydration.