By Jessica Sepel

Tis the season for abundance, and you may be feeling it after an especially indulgent meal (or four). But that doesn’t mean you should restrict, cleanse or go on a crash diet! Your body won’t respond well to that either – deprivation will not make you feel better, it will only complicate your relationship with food.

Instead, there are some easy ways to detox your system that have very little to do with food. Treating your body with care and compassion are always the best ways to feel your most amazing, and these are simple things you can do today. Here are my top tips to detox – without changing your diet!

1. Drink warm lemon water. You may already be doing this most mornings, and it’s a great habit to get into if you’re not. Squeezing half a lemon into warm water (you can add a dash of cayenne pepper if you like) helps flush the liver and kick starts digestion (and your metabolism).

2. Have a green juice. Adding greens will infuse your system with a direct hit of vitamins and nutrients. I love making my own at home with kale, spinach, lemon, ginger and green apple, but if you’re picking one up try to find a juice bar that fresh presses their juice with organic ingredients.

3. Use a body brush. Help detox your lymphatic system and improve circulation by enjoying luxurious dry body brushing. Using a soft, naturally bristled brush, start at your feet and brush up in small, upward movements toward your heart. When you’re done, hop in the shower!

4. Practice yoga and meditation. Just 20 minutes a day connects you with your mind and body. Remember, a physical cleanse and emotional cleanse go hand in hand. If yoga isn’t your thing, go for a long walk (outside, if you can). This gets digestion going and helps clear your head. It’s important to free the mind from toxic thoughts, and these are gentle but effective ways to cleanse your whole self.

5. Go to bed early. Big meals can often make us feel sluggish, but there’s good reason to get rest. This is the body’s time to process and detox after a busy day, and it requires a good 7-8 hours per night. Give your body a break and let it do what it naturally wants to do.