By Simi A Mira

1. Be ready

Find a way to have cleansers and moisturizers easily available. Have moisturizers next to the bed and make putting it on a part of your bed time routine. Lay out your necessities so that you’re not a hot mess digging through drawers when running late in the mornings. Find a good organizer to keep things easy to grab but not just overflowing the vanity. A good idea is make a magnet board and attach small adhesive magnets to your everyday products then hang the board and your makeup on the wall. Fun and functional!! Have an emergency kit for being on the run, make sure to pack all the basics, mascara, eyeliner/shadow, concealer, lipstick, bobby pins, brush, hairspray, perfume and the all-important breath mint. Never know who you might run into out there!

2. Bold lips

Orange is the new red!! A new bold orange or berry color can have your lipstick taking your look over the top, making you look polished and powerful. Take you look up a notch in just 2 easy steps.
Step 1: Line lips using a matching lip liner to create smooth lines then fill with liner. Step 2: Apply the lipstick of your choice. Step 3: Gently blot lips and use a light powder to amp up staying power and apply a final coat to perfect you color. But there are no rules…try out a brown and dark red, even just a simple gloss, whatever matches your mood!

3. Show off those peepers!!

Once again no rules makes for a variety of quick and fun looks.   Use a shimmer pastel that will stand out from your hair for a simple, soft look. Take up the drama with a double liner look with a smooth or smudgy line of black with a line of color like blue, purple, or green for some pop! A light line of metallic liner can also help give that totally rested look we all wants

4. Let your light shine!

Brighten up your skin with an enhancer: Keep that summer glow going long into winter. Use a power complexion enhancer for oily skin and a cream if you have dry skin. Use on the elevated areas of your face including bridge of nose, along cheek bones and across the brow to show a little bit of light and give you that sun-kissed look everyone wants. It can also help you look awake and energized, even on those day you didn’t want to get out of bed. Just don’t overdo it, or you’ll go from glowing to greasy.

 5. Hurry up hair:

We ALL run into the mornings where you’ve been up all night with work or the kids, just want to sleep but got to get going and end up late. So here are a few quick fixes to keep your hair looking good even on a bad hair day.
Washing hair at night can save some time in the morning. Keep hair in check with a little mousse and braid if long enough to get a beautiful loose wave in the morning.
If you missed that shower, use a little dry shampoo and fold up into a dressed up messy bun with fun headband, or comb some strong hold gel and pull hair back to a slick and smooth low pony.
Use bobby pins to wrap hair and elevate the simple ponytail into an easy and elegant updo.